10 Toyota electric cars in 2026?

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Autos.id – 10 Toyota electric cars will be presented by Toyota Motor Corporation. They announced that they would be showcasing 10 BEV cars in several emerging markets and Asia. One of them, Southeast Asia, will likely come with a variety of models. In its presentation yesterday, Toyota revealed that it will showcase a number of battery electric vehicle products.

10 Toyota electric cars

this time Toyota itself has begun to aggressively expand electric cars in different countries. Including Southeast Asia, such as Thailand and Indonesia. It is possible that they are aggressive in introducing the BEV car because the market demand and choice of the BEV cars themselves are quite numerous in the market.

Not to mention a car from China that has managed to make an electric car with the lowest price currently, only IDR 400 million. Who wouldn’t burn their beard if the electric car could dominate the Southeast Asian market?

Therefore, Toyota Motor Corporation will launch various new strategies for the development of their BEV in its report.

These 10 new Toyota cars will be the first BEVs

It’s possible that the BEV they’re referring to was introduced in Thailand yesterday, like the Hilux BEV and the other one, IMV 0, will likely come in BEV form as well. However, from the presentation they showed yesterday.

As a 3 row SUV it’s probably a Highlander or a Kluger. Later, sedans for emerging markets, possibly the Vios EV and many other models. Indeed, for now, Toyota is still trying to explore the possibility of this model being marketed in developing countries.

Apart from that, there are several existing models such as the Lexus RX and others that have started to be marketed by Toyota itself.

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Target of 1.5 million electric cars in 2026

With a target of 1.5 million units, obviously many think Toyota’s electric cars will outnumber their rivals. Indeed, in its presentation yesterday, Toyota was very aggressive in introducing BEVs to their particular segments. Obviously, this method makes Toyota a very aggressive manufacturer to introduce its electric cars in the next 3 years.

Is it possible for the Vios EV to enter Indonesia? Let’s hope there’s something interesting this time around.


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