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In total, four future Honda electric cars will be launched at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show. These products include the e:NP2, e:NS2, e:N SUV and e:N GT Concept.

All of these cars, 100 percent, are battery drains and are not sold yet. However, all four are set to go into mass production next year or 2024.

“Honda is striving to achieve carbon neutrality for all products and corporate activities involving Honda by 2050,” Honda Global’s official statement said.

Through the presence of four Honda electric car In this future, the manufacturer with the H logo claims to accelerate the electrification of vehicles in China and strives to make 100% electric cars sold in China by 2035.

Want to know what’s special about the Honda e:NP2, e:NS2, e:N SUV and e:N GT? Watch this discussion up to the end:

Honda e:NP2 and e:NS2

future honda electric car - and ns2

The figure of the Honda e:NS2 appearing at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show (Source: Answer)

These two cars have a lot in common, for example in terms of appearance combining a sedan and an SUV. There is also the typical Honda driving pleasure.

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Features-wise, all the sophistication of Honda cars is here. Including the emergence of Honda Connect 4.0 and Honda Sensing 360 advanced omnidirectional driver assistance system (ADAS).

The difference to e:NP2 is in the design which looks more luxurious. Meanwhile, e:NS2 looks more futuristic.

“Honda is showing the final version of the model (mass production model) of Honda e:N the second series for the Honda e:NP2 and Honda e:NS2 models which are expected to go on sale and produced in early 2024,” explained the official statement from Honda.

Honda e:N SUV

future honda electric car - en suv

Honda e:N SUV electric car

This future Honda electric car is truly an SUV. Then use the e:N Architecture W platform for the first time.

In other words, the mass version of the e:N SUV will use rear-wheel drive (RWD) and have an all-wheel drive (AWD) option. This definitely promises a safer driving feel on various road terrains, especially for the AWD version.

Honda e:NGT

future electric car honda - it gt

Honda e:N GT sports concept car (Source: Autocar)

Then for the Honda e:N GT, the design is different. The appearance of this product is really like a future sports car.

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Its the trademark style sedan with a low roof. So the body is wide and long. It is possible that the mass version is an electric sports car manufactured by Honda.

“The Honda e:N SUV and Honda e:N GT Concept are the third series of the Honda e:N Series. The two cars are expected to be ready for sale and production in late 2024,” Honda said in an official statement.

In Indonesia alone, manufacturers with the H logo have introduced a battery electric vehicle (BEV) named Honda e. This car has also not been sold until now.

Before moving to electric cars, it seems that Honda will launch its hybrid car in Indonesia first. They claim they are ready to ship two e:HEV (hybrid) models by 2023, maybe Hybrid Honda CR-V and Accord Hybrid or HR-V Hybrid.

It was information about Honda’s future electric car. For the latest and most complete information about automotive sectorkeep watching Moladin!


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