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There are several advantages of the Citroen C3 which are intriguing the consumers in Indonesia. It is no coincidence that this car won the World Urban Car 2023.

“Vote by more than 100 international journalists from 32 countries. The C3 took the title in the Urban Car category, open to all cars under 4.25 meters in length sold in at least two main markets (China, Europe, India, Japan, Korea, Latin America, USA) and at least in two continents. separate,” explained the Citroen statement we received on Thursday (6/4/2023).

Indonesian consumers are obviously more and more curious about the C3, because the “Citroen” brand comes from continental Europe. Of course this has its own prestigious value compared to Asian car brands.

However, specifically for the Citroen C3 in Indonesia, the car was brought from India. As a result, the price can compete even with Japanese compact SUVs such as the Toyota Raize and Daihatsu Rocky.

Citroen C3 is equipped with several modern features. Such as alarm, immobilizer, dual airbags, parking sensors and reversing camera. And for the kitchen runway, this compact SUV imported from India uses a 1,200cc three-cylinder engine (Pure Tech 82) which is said to be capable of producing 115Nm of torque at 3,750rpm and 82PS of power. at 5,750 rpm. Oh yes, only a 5-speed manual is available for the transmission, i.e. there is no automatic transmission.

As for the price, Citroën C3 price starting from IDR 225 million applying On The Road (OTR) for DKI Jakarta area. Interesting right?

So, in order not to intrigue you more about this car, let’s take a closer look at the 5 advantages of the Citroen C3 below.

1. Attractive car color

Excess Citroen C3

In total there are 10 exterior color choices for the Citroen C3

The first advantage of Citroen C3 is color car which are interesting. Yes, Citroen C3 comes in fresh colors. Some people call it a striking color and it is suitable for consumers who want to be different or anti-mainstream.

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Where French brand car It has 4 body colors and 2 roof colors available, for a total of 10 different exterior color combinations.

In more detail, there are 4 monotone color choices: polar white, zesty orange, platinum gray, steel gray. While for the two-tone there are 6 colors: Polar White Body with Vibrant Orange Roof, Platinum Gray Body with Vibrant Orange Roof, Polar White Body with Platinum Gray Roof, Steel Gray Body with Vibrant Orange Roof, Vibrant Orange Body with Platinum Gray Roof, and steel gray body with platinum gray roof.

The color choice of the Citroen C3 is obviously the main attraction. That’s because rivals like the Raize 1.2 are only available in one-tone body colors with seven choices: white, red, black, yellow, silver, dark gray and blue. If you want a two tone color, you can choose Raize 1.0 Turbo.

“The New Citroën C3 offers customers comprehensive customization options that are unmatched in its category. We are confident that it will become a new style icon for young and progressive consumers in Indonesia,” said Stefan Hutahayan, head of business development at Indomobil Group.

Oh yes, the Citroen C3 also has an Atmosphere Pack for the color of the fog lamp housings with a choice of bright orange and chrome colours. In addition, two color choices are available for the interior, i.e. anodized orange and anodized gray.

2. 10 inch main unit touch screen

Excess Citroen C3

Dimensions of main unit 10 inches

The next advantage of the Citroen C3 is the touchscreen head unit, which is relatively large in size compared to its rivals, such as Raize and Rocky.

Citroen C3 adopts a 10-inch head unit that can be integrated with smartphones using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and is also useful for reversing cameras.

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Meanwhile, for competitors like Raize and Rocky, they have pinned a touchscreen head unit that measures 8 inches, i.e. smaller than Citroen C3.

3. Compact size

Excess Citroen C3

The dimensions of the Citroen C3 are compact

Compact dimensions are one of the advantages of the Citroen C3. Where this car is definitely suitable for use in big city like Jakarta which is synonymous with traffic jams.

Citroen C3 is 3,981 mm long, 1,733 mm wide and 1,604 mm high. Furthermore, the ground clearance is 180 mm and the wheelbase is 2,540 mm. And to support these compact dimensions, 15-inch alloy wheels wrapped in 196/65 R15 tires are incorporated.

With these dimensions, the Citroen C3 will be easier and more agile in overtaking and in traffic jams on the streets of the capital.

4. Efficient fuel consumption

Excess Citroen C3

Fuel consumption is claimed to be 19.8km/litre

As mentioned above, the Citroen C3 uses a 1,200cc three-cylinder engine (Pure Tech 82) with a 5-speed manual gearbox which is said to be capable of producing 115Nm of torque at 3,750rpm and 82bhp of power. at 5,750 rpm. .

Now, with engine specs and performance, the Citroen C3 is said to be able to save petrol up to 19.8km/litre. Obviously this is very useful when fuel prices in Indonesia are unstable.

Also, the fuel consumption of the Citroen C3 is more economical than its competitors, namely Toyota Raize and Daihatsu Rocky. They claim the twins, for their 1,000cc turbocharged engine they manage to save petrol by just 17-18km/litre. Meanwhile, for the 1,200cc engine, it’s only 18-19km/litre.

5. Affordable prices

Excess Citroen C3

Affordable prices

As for the price, the Citroen C3 is sold with a starting price of Rp. 255 million (OTR Jakarta) for the single color variant. This French car brand also offers several other variants like C3 One Tone + or with cooler accessories, the price is IDR 230 million (OTR Jakarta). There is also a two-tone variant for a more exclusive look. Below is a price list for Citroen C3 in Indonesia:

  • Citroen C3 One Tone: IDR 225,000,000
  • Citroen C3 One Tone+: IDR 230,000,000
  • Citroen C3 two tone: IDR 231,000,000
  • Citroen C3 Two Tone+: IDR 236,000,000

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Compared to competitors, it is not much different. Take for example Daihatsu Rocky 1.2, the highest variant sold for IDR 245.3 million (OTR Jakarta) and Rocky 1.0 Turbo variant, the most expensive IDR 273.6 million (OTR Jakarta). So if the comparison is the Toyota Raize 1.2, the higher variant is Rp. 247.3 million (OTR Jakarta) and the Raize 1.0 Turbo is the most expensive variant, Rp. 305.1 million (OTR Jakarta).

It’s just that, at an affordable Citroen C3 price there is a downside. Call it manual transmission not available. So the mirror settings are still manual with the lever. Not to be left behind, the engine performance of this French car is also not too special compared to its competitors.

With an affordable price, the C3 has successfully become the sales backbone of Citroen in Indonesia. The French car brand admits that 50 orders for the entire Citroen product line (C3, C5 Aircross and E-C4 electric car) were registered between December 2022 and early April 2023. Interestingly, the Citroen C3 has become the best-selling hit with orders of around 90 percent.

Moladiner, this is a review of some of the benefits Citroën C3. Are you interested in buying? Stay tuned Moladin.com for other interesting automotive information.


The small SUV segment is getting busier after French car brand Citroen officially returned to Indonesia and launched the Citroen C3. Interestingly, this car is much cheaper than one of the competitors in its class, namely the Toyota Raize. Try watching the video to learn more about this Citroen C3. Which do you prefer, Citroen C3 or Toyota Raize? Write directly in the comment column! #Moladino #MoComeMoladin #fyp #fypage #citroen #citroenc3 #Toyota #toyotaraize #raise #comparison #car #car #carreview #new car

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