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Car problems that often break down, namely lack of power, can be a sign that your car’s spark plugs need to be replaced. Check and learn more in this article.

The spark plug, or spark plug in the layman’s language, is one of the factors that determines whether the car’s engine is healthy or not. This is because the spark plug works like a lighter in a combustion chamber compressed with a mixture of petrol and air. Through this device, the car performance will be more stable if the spark plugs are healthy and normal.

Conversely, the characteristics of a car spark plug that needs to be replaced are usually preceded by numerous other symptoms. The most common thing is that the car becomes difficult to start due to the function car spark plug it doesn’t work normally. Indeed, another indication that it also causes if the spark plug is damaged is a lameness in the car’s performance sector.

If the damaged spark plug is left alone, over time it is not impossible that the car engine will not start at all. Sure, you don’t want that to happen, do you?

To prevent your car from breaking down due to a broken spark plug, learn more about the characteristics of a weak automotive spark plug and it needs to be replaced, as follows:

These are the characteristics of the car spark plugs that need to be replaced:

1. Solid black spark plug electrodes and dirty

plug color dirty black

Spark plugs dirty, electrodes are black.

The first sign that a car’s spark plug needs to be replaced is that the spark plug electrode is damaged, usually marked with a black color and the condition is no longer viable.

To maintain good performance, it is often necessary to pay attention to the condition of the spark plug itself. Among the many features of automotive spark plugs that need to be replaced, one of which is visible through the spark plug electrodes. This section is a first indicator, where you can see what the combustion looks like in the engine room.

In order for the electrodes to be seen, you obviously have to open the spark plug from the engine. You need to use a special tool called a spark plug wrench.

If you want to open the spark plug, the first thing you need to do is remove the spark plug cover at the top of the engine. After that, you can immediately loosen the spark plug thread attached to the engine part with the spark plug wrench.

Do it slowly and don’t force it. This is because if you force the spark plug in your car in practice, the thread will be damaged and it will be difficult to screw it back on.

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When the spark plug is visible, then for a good car spark plug the combustion residue that occurs on the electrode, the color of a good car spark plug is not so pitch black. Usually, more brown in color. So if the spark plug color is solid black, there must be a problem. Also, if it is wet, it means that there are suboptimal engine settings.

In some cases, too wet and too dry gasoline settings will actually cause less than ideal engine performance. This is usually understood by mechanics, as is how to set it up.

2. Spark plug age more than 20 thousand km

Toyota special spark plugs

Car spark plugs also have a life span, if they have exceeded that they need to be replaced

The sign of the car spark plug should be replaced later, according to the manufacturer’s car manual recommendations. In general, manufacturers recommend replacing spark plugs in cars every 10 thousand km up to 20 thousand km.

However, if the car is often driven long distances with high intensity, then car spark plug replacement it could be before 20 thousand km.

“By the manufacturer, it is usually recommended to replace the spark plugs for 10,000 kilometers or 20,000 kilometers. This also applies to using standard spark plugs,” explained Arif, of DD Motor, South Jakarta.

3. It is difficult to start a car engine

Car spark plug sign needs to be replaced - hard car starting

If the engine is difficult to activate, it could be a sign of a problem with the spark plug

Signs that the car’s spark plugs need to be replaced or are already weak can also be seen when the car is difficult to start or start. If usually once the choke is immediately on, a weak spark plug will make it necessary to re-choke. Even worse, the car cannot be activated at all, i.e. it freezes.

Of course you don’t want that to happen, right?

4. Car engine crippled

The sign of the car spark plug needs to be replaced - the engine is limp

If the engine is vibrating severely, it could be a sign of a problem with the spark plug

If at startup, car engine may still be triggered, a sign that the spark plugs in the car need to be replaced. Problem spark plugs will affect the engine power produced by each cylinder is different. This will cause the car’s engine to be lame.

You can feel the characteristics of an inert car spark plug from the vibration of the engine that is stronger than usual. If this happens, don’t ignore it, because if this condition is left too long, the performance of the engine cylinder that has an important job will be disrupted.

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In other words, if you experience abnormal symptoms or the ignition starts to limp, monitor it right away so that unwanted things don’t happen.

“Usually the engine feels weak. This causes an abnormal spark to the spark plug, so the horsepower between cylinders is not the same and tends to fail later,” added Arif.

5. Car acceleration stopped

problematic features of car spark plugs

If the car seems sluggish and consumes fuel, then this is a sign that the spark plugs in the car need to be replaced

As mentioned above, you can hear the sign that the spark plug in the car needs to be replaced by a limping engine. Another sign is that the acceleration of the car is not good. Energy will be lost when it is carbonated or the term is empty.

This is due to the fact that each cylinder of the engine does not work optimally, because the spark plug is damaged. The next effect that can occur is that the engine of the car gets bigger expensive fuel.

After you know the signs that your car’s spark plug needs replacing, the next thing you need to do is look for a replacement spark plug. To make a replacement, you can choose which model or type of candle is right for you.

Usually, using standard OEM spark plugs is relatively affordable, around IDR 15,000 for one spark plug. But for a foreseeable duration, from approximately 10,000 to 20,000 km.

But if you want even better performance, you can choose aftermarket spark plugs. It’s just that spark plugs for this good car need a lot of money.

“Yes, there is a price, right? If you use a standard one, it’s fine, but if you use a better car spark plug, it can really work. The price is IDR 200,000 (for one spark plug),” he added.

Usually, when spark plugs are used in a car, there are four spark plugs. If one of the spark plugs is damaged, it is advisable not to do it individually, get into the habit of replacing four car spark plugs at the same time.

Car spark plug replacement cost

replace car spark plug - coil

Changing spark plugs in your car is easy to do at home

When the spark plug is damaged, it obviously needs to be replaced with a new one so that it does not interfere with the performance of the car’s engine. So how much does it cost to replace a spark plug in your car?

The cost of car spark plug replacement is actually cheap, even when a car owner intends to replace the car spark plugs, some repair shops waive the installation fee for free. In other words, the price of the candles sold includes installation costs.

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Well, the price of the spark plugs themselves varies depending on the brand and type. As we explained previously, the spark plugs used by car manufacturers are generally iridium spark plugs, for example the Avanza and Xenia cars which have adopted engines with VVTi technology. However, car owners can also use other types of spark plugs. Where currently, there are several types of aftermarket spark plugs that can increase the performance of the car’s engine.

Diko Oktaviano as Technical Support of PT NGK Spark Plug Indonesia said how to replace car spark plugs should be together. So don’t just replace one spark plug or the damaged one. This usually happens when the car’s engine is lame, because one of the spark plugs is dead.

Well, usually due to cost issues, car owners just replace a problematic spark plug. Understandably, the price of automotive spark plugs isn’t cheap, let alone the type iridium it can reach IDR 100 thousand. So if a four-cylinder engine requires four spark plugs, the cost is Rp. 400,000.

The general problem of the public lies in the financing factor. But keep in mind that later the spark plug replacement cycle will become unstable. For example, when the condition of one spark plug is damaged and then replaced, but the other 3 are not, we don’t know the condition. It will certainly repeat like this (one for a dead candle). It’s better to replace it once, but the problem won’t recur in the future,” Diko explained some time ago.

For information, spark plugs are one of the vital components of a car whose function is that of an ignition system. This small component is very important because it acts as a spark between the electrodes car spark plug in the combustion chamber. The spark plug works to optimize the fuel-air mixture in the combustion chamber. Thus, the piston engine can be operated to produce power capable of moving the wheels.

Brands and types of spark plugs for cars and prices

the spark plugs in the car need to be replaced

Different brands and types of spark plugs for cars

There are different brands and types of automotive spark plugs sold in the market. Here are some recommendations for brands and prices for automotive spark plugs that we have found on the market:

  • Brisk Super MR14LC: IDR 79,000
  • NGK Laser Iridium Premium IZFR6K-13 Rp: 150,000
  • Denso Iridium Power IK16: IDR 95,000
  • BOSCH YR7DC+/DF7REC2: IDR 19,000
  • NGK Platinum Racing LRF5A GP: IDR 53,500
  • Brisk Premium Evo MR14BFXC: IDR 275,000

In addition to the above brands, there are of course many other brands and types of candles sold in the market. Oh yeah, for the record, buy spark plugs for cars at a trusted auto parts store or shop at an official repair shop. This is so that the purchased candles are clear, i.e. original.

This has been the discussion about the sign of the car spark plug that needs to be replaced and the cost of its replacement. For the latest automotive information, read on moladin.com


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