6 disadvantages of Wuling Alvez, Rp. 200 million is a lot!

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For those of you who want to propose, you need to know the shortcomings of Wuling Alvez. Don’t be tempted by the cheap price, which is only IDR 200 million.

Obviously there is a price, there is a way. Even if it has many advantages. Let’s say Alvez has abundant features like Almaz RS. There is the Internet of Vehicles (IoV), Advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), to the Indonesian Wuling Command (WIND).

It’s just that there are quite a few drawbacks, especially when compared with such competitors as the Honda HR-V and Hyundai Creta. Take, for example, Alvez, which has a relatively weak 1,500cc engine on paper. So the steering wheel still doesn’t have telescoping adjustment, only tilt.

Then as regards the trunk capacity, even this car which in China has the name Wuling Xing Chi tends to be cramped. Also, the presence of a much smaller sunroof than its competitors.

Finally, what Wuling Alvez lacks is that the gap between the SE and EX variants is too large. As a result, Alvez SE has minimal features.

Want to know Wuling Alvez shortcomings more detail, here are 5 list:

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1. Performance of the 1500cc engine

Disadvantages of Wuling Alvez - engine performance

The Alvez engine uses a 1,485cc DOHC DVVT, which underperforms its competitors

Lack Wuling Alvez the first is engine performance. On paper, it uses a 1,500 cc four-cylinder mechanical heart with DVVT and DOHC technology. It’s just that peak torque is just 143Nm at 4,000-4,600rpm and peak power is 105bhp at 5,800rpm.

Alvez engine skill is called lacking, because it is rather weak in comparison with its competitors. Do not you think? Just think of the 1,500 cc engine of the Hyundai Creta, capable of delivering 143.8 Nm of torque at 4,500 rpm and 113 HP of power at 6,300 rpm. Then for the Honda HR-V engine, the torque reaches 145 Nm at 4,300 rpm and a maximum power of 121 HP at 6,600 rpm.

It’s just you have to remember, weak Wuling Alvez’s performance is still on the card. It could be that, during a test drive, the results are different.

2. The steering wheel is not yet telescopic

Also, what Wuling Alvez lacks is that the steering wheel settings are not comprehensive. Also for the EX variant there is only the inclination or the up and down, while the telescopic wheels that can move the steering wheel back and forth are not available.

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This is called a flaw, because competitors like the Hyundai Creta and Honda HR-V are tilting and telescoping. The effect of setting the driving position becomes easier.

In the Alvez steering wheel settings there are indeed shortcomings, but when it comes to the driver’s seat settings it is actually quite complete. There are features up and down, back and forth, until the seat backs drop into an upright position. It’s just that all this is still done manually aka non-electrical.

3. No paddle changes

lack of wuling alvez - steering wheel without paddle shifter

Paddle shifting already exists on the Creta and HR-V, but not on the Wuling Alvez

The next disadvantage of Wuling Alvez is that there are no features paddle shifts. Even if competitors like Hyundai Creta and Wuling Alvez already have one.

Use the paddle shift to change gears manually, without having to take your hands off the wheel, especially in automatic cars. Then up and down the transmission is enough to do with the buttons or levers on the steering wheel.

4. Tight luggage

lack of wuling alvez - cramped trunk

The Wuling Alvez trunk area is just 387.5 liters with the rear seat supported

Then what Wuling Alvez lacks is that the trunk is narrow. We took direct measurements with a simple meter. As a result, the Alvez has only a trunk area of ​​387.5 liters.

Compare with Hyundai Crete whose trunk can carry 478 liters of goods. So the Honda HR-V, the trunk capacity is 421 liters.

However, if you want to pack more stuff, you can fold the rear seats in a 60:40 configuration. It’s just that on the other hand it certainly sacrifices the capacity of passengers that can be accommodated.

Alvez also has a roof rail that can be used as a place to place roof racks and roof boxes. Then it is possible to put things on the roof.

5. Small sunroof

lack of wuling alvez 2023 - small sunroof

Only the Alvez EX variant has a sunroof

The next drawback of Wuling Alvez is the small sunroof. Only available for the driver and front row passengers.

This is referred to as a weakness, because competitors like it Honda HR-V the third generation and Hyundai Creta have a larger sunroof. The rivals’ sunroof also extends from front to back. As a result, the view outwards seems wider, the space in the cab seems even lighter.

Especially for the Wuling Alvez sunroof, it is only available in the highest or EX variant. While the SE and CE variants don’t have it.

6. Wuling Alvez SE features are minimal

lack of wuling alvez se - no main unit

The interior of the Wuling Alvez EX is packed with modern features, unlike the Alvez SE

Finally, what Wuling Alvez lacks is that the SE variant has minimal features. FYI, this is the cheapest variant which retails at the phenomenal price of IDR 209 million (OTR Jakarta).

It’s all about features, you can’t expect much. Let’s just say from the outside they still use the tin rims and don’t have a rear wiper.

Going into the interior, the Alvez SE lacks a head unit and uses an analog instrument cluster. Then for the IoV, ADAS and WIND features, they are not even present from the CE variant.

Speaking of engine performance, it’s no different. However, the Alvez SE variant is only available in a 6-speed manual gearbox variant.

So really don’t kid yourself with Alvez SE. If you want a smart SUV with a variety of modern features, go for the Alvez EX, which costs IDR 295 million (OTR Jakarta) or IDR 86 million more than the Alvez SE.

This was the discussion on the shortcomings of the Wuling Alvez 2023. For the latest and most comprehensive information on automotive sectorkeep watching Moladin!


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