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JAKARTA – It is undeniable that in Indonesia the name Toyota Avanza is still one of the strongest cars in people’s minds.

Understandably, this car has indeed demonstrated for years its ability to respond to the needs of the Indonesian people. In addition to being equipped with a capacity of up to 7 passengers, the overall price of the Toyota Avanza is still affordable.

Toyota also presents two engine options for the Avanza, namely 1.3L and 1.5L. Of the two choices, the 1.3L engine managed to become the more coveted option due to its more affordable price and fuel efficiency. Even so, you can still rely on the engine’s performance because it is capable of producing 95PS of power and up to 121Nm of torque.

Toyota Avanza type G 1.3 is quite a popular variant. This car was equipped with a projector headlight and LED daytime running lights to make the car look more modern than other variants.

In addition, the Toyota Avanza G-type 1.3 is also equipped with various entertainment features such as an audio steering switch and a head unit with touchscreen technology. The AC settings also adhere to a range of figures and there are dual fans to ensure that cold air can be distributed more quickly. The safety features are also quite capable because there are already dual SRS airbags, EBD and ABS

Currently, Toyota Avanza G-type 1.3 is sold at IDR 206.7 million for manual transmission and IDR 216.5 million for automatic transmission. But if the price is considered too high, buying used can be a solution.

Of course choosing Used Advance it will offer convenience to the public in purchasing vehicles. This is because the price tends to be cheaper but still meets the driving needs.

In addition, many applications have recently been introduced that make it easier for customers to find used cars, starting with Mobil123 or going directly to used car dealers such as Mobil88. Interestingly, the dealer also unveiled an e-store that offers new conveniences for customers without reducing vehicle warranties.



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