Affordable Semi Slick tires for Accelera’s Fortuner and Innova

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semi slick tires accelerate 651 sport drag

ROCKOMOTIF, Tangerang – Indonesian manufacturer of original car tires, Accelerate launched a semi-slick car tire at the event that can be used for the Toyota Fortuner and Toyota Kijang Innova The elite show 2023 at ICE, BSD City, Tangerang, Sunday (5/2/2023). Actually PT Elangperdana Tire Industry, as a manufacturer of Accelerate tires, is targeting the endurance racing segment which is starting to recover in Indonesia.

However, the Accelera 651 Sport Drag tires are only available in size 255/50 R18, suitable for Fortuner and also Innova. Drag race is a racing event on a straight track where whoever crosses the finish line will be the winner.

For this reason, the role of the tires in this competitive event is very important, because they convey the engine power generated and transmitted to the rotation of the tire without losing traction.

According to Koko Jatmiko, R&D Manager of PT Elangperdana Tire Industry, if the tires as a means of connecting to the road do not have good traction capabilities, then the power generated by the engine will be wasted, because the slip caused by the tires cannot transfer the power directly. of the engine to the rotation of the tyre.

semi slick tires accelerate 651 sport drag

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“For this reason, with Super Grip Compound technology developed by PT Elangperdana Tire Industry team engineer, Accelera introduced the 651 Sport Drag specifically for Drag Race competition,” Koko said at the launch.

Koko added that the development of tires for endurance has been long enough to produce tires with stable and good grip and traction from the beginning to the end of the tyre’s use. “So that 651 Sport Drag can surely be relied upon by Drag Race lovers and racers in Indonesia and abroad.”

Another advantage of the Accelera Sport Drag tires is also the selling price which is cheaper than the competitors in its category. According to Koko, it can be up to half the competitor’s price for 2 tyres.

semi slick tires accelerate 651 sport drag

Excellence Accelerate 651 Sport Drag

Previously, Accelera had focused on the world of modifications and the world of motorsports such as drift, off-road and rallying by presenting many complete variants of models and sizes to support the needs of modifications and motorsports.

Now Accelera is also focusing on the drag motorsport branch as Accelera’s form of engagement in the motorsport world.

semi slick tires accelerate 651 sport drag

Benefits of Accelera 651 Sport Drag tires include:

It has three main grooves and one-way grooves so they can drain water quickly to provide better traction in wet conditions. Then there are two main ribs to provide precise control.

The latest Accelera 651 Sport Drag tires also have the benefit of a Water Breaker which supports effective water removal to overcome the risk of aquaplaning (car tires losing grip on the road surface where there are puddles). Finally, the Super Grip compound offers very strong and stable grip and traction from start to finish.


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