Agya GR Sport Clean the podium of the Tulungagung National Slalom Championship

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Agya GR Sport Clean the podium of the Tulungagung National Slalom Championship

Even though the points had not been passed, the TGRI team’s peslalom continued to look serious in the final series and produced a clean slate in all the classes it entered.

Supported Toyota Gazoo Racing Indonesia (TGRI). Agya GR Sport picking up results again by taking the podium of the 6th Series MLDSPOT Autokhana 2022 National Championship, at Lembu Pateng Stadium, Tulungagung, East Java.

With the cooperation of responsive handling of the GR Sport Agya type and a powerful engine, she managed to record the fastest time in all classes in the 6th series of the MLDSPOT Autokhana National Slalom Championship. This result ushered the TGRI team to become the National Champion in Class F, Female Class, Tandem Class, Class A and Team A.

national championship-slalom-autokhana
Agya GR Sport conquers the podium at the Autokhana Slalom National Championship

PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM) Marketing Director Anton Jimmi Suwandy is proud and congratulates all drivers and the TGRI team on the national championship titles won in all classes.

“We are grateful that the performance of Agya GR Sport can be maximized in supporting the TGRI riders to consistently appear to record the fastest time since the start of the season, so they can continue to lead the standings to win national titles in Class F. Women, Tandem, A and Team A,” Jimmi said.

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Two Peslaloms get on the podium

Competing in Class F, which is the most prestigious and competitive class, two TGRI drivers conquered the podium. In the 6th Series, Anjasara Wahyu conquered the first podium with the best time of 00:44.917. She then followed by her teammate Adrianza Yunial who took the second podium with a time of 00:45.285.

In the women’s class, Alinka Hardianti’s rider returned to her first podium. In the 6th series, Alinka recorded the fastest time, namely 00:47.304. In the Tandem Class, the solid collaboration between Anjasara and Adrianza brought them both to the first podium with the best total time of 01:38.493. She didn’t stop there, in Class A Herdiko also recorded the best time of 00:46.327 and conquered her first podium.

autokhana slalom championship
The TGRI peslalom constantly appears in the fastest time record

As a TGRI team who have won national titles in the F, A and Tandem classes, rider Anjasara admitted he was happy to have the full support of the TGRI engineering team in maximizing the Agya GR Sport set-up, so he looks confident and consistent in posting the fastest time in each series this season.

“Thank you for the support that the TGRI engineering team has always given me, especially in terms of developing the performance of the Agya GR Sport. This modification suits my needs to conquer different street circuits in each city. As a result, I can maintain consistency in recording times and making the best contribution to the TGRI team by winning national championships in 3 classes simultaneously,” said TGRI rider, Anjasara Wahyu.

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Agya’s performance of the GR Sport type is the key to the TGRI Team National Champion

The choice of the Agya GR Sport type to compete in the national slalom race was based on the fact that the car is segmented small sedan it has reliable motorsport DNA. Wrapped in a 1,200cc 4-cylinder Dual VVT-i engine with maximum power reaching 88hp at 6,000rpm and 11kgm of torque at 4,200rpm, it is known for having great power character in every engine range. engine speeds.

Not only that, the Agya GR Sport trim is also strengthened by the agile suspension system typical of hot sedans, this car is so easy to maneuver by TGRI drivers that it sets the best time in all classes.

The performance development of Agya GR Sport managed to reach the podium
The performance development of Agya GR Sport managed to reach the podium

The reliability of the Agya GR Sport is also supported by Toyota engineers who always try to modify it to improve its performance while maintaining the vehicle’s competitiveness amidst very tight competition.

All input from the slalom racer and data from the cars used during the competition are processed to create a tougher racing car each series. In addition of course to being the main capital for manufacturers in the development of new technologies to present ever better cars.

“Congratulations on the national title achieved by the TGRI racers and team at the MLDSPOT Autokhana National Slalom Championship. The spirit of TGRI in competing for the best results in various national racing events, we hope to spread the enthusiasm of the joy of Gazoo Racing as well to the people of Indonesia,” concluded Fumitaka Kawashima as Marketing Director of PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM).

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