Akio Toyoda no longer drives Toyota

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Akio Toyoda will no longer serve as CEO of Toyota Motor Corporation
Akio Toyoda will no longer serve as CEO of Toyota Motor Corporation

ROCKMOTIVE, Jakarta – Akio Toyoda’s leadership period a Toyota Motor Corporation ended, now his position is replaced by Koji Sato who was previously director of Gazoo Racing.

The change of baton was determined by company policy, in which the figure had been deployed to fill the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Akio Toyoda is a figure who plays an important role for Toyota. Not only refreshing the body of the company but also providing breakthroughs through innovations that are applied to the Toyota range.

His replacement is Koji Sato, who had previously been director Gazoo contest he was asked to hold the leadership baton for any length of time.

Meanwhile, Akio Toyoda will take up his new position effective April 1, 2023. Some of the innovations this figure has brought include lowering a hydrogen car to run an endurance race some time ago.

Not only that, it has also given a new twist to their iconic Toyota AE86 model where the car which is often referred to as a know-it-all car has been injected with hybrid technology to be able to give it a new twist.

“Without a doubt, Akio Toyoda is a competent CEO. however, the entire automotive industry needs to make some disruptive changes and Toyota has fallen behind in our view, so this could be an opportunity for a fresh start,” said Anders Schelde, Chief Investment Officer at Toyota.


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