BMW IX 2023 review, electric SUV with the most expensive price!

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Finally, let’s look at the 2023 BMW iX. This is The Bavarian’s most expensive electric SUV to enter Indonesia, the price is Rp. 2.398 billion (OTR Jakarta).

The BMW iX xDrive40 Sport goes on sale in Indonesia in August 2022 and was used as the vehicle at the 2023 ASEAN Summit. Its advantage is that it has a distinctive futuristic design. Not to be missed, there is sophisticated technology with the latest features such as the fifth generation eDrive which is said to be able to optimize the use of battery energy.

Another plus, the BMW iX xDrive40 uses a lot of recycled materials, is green and renewable energy. One of them is indoors which uses Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood.

With an expensive price, is this BMW electric car worth proposing? what are the advantages and disadvantages? Below are the results of our review of the 2023 BMW iX which we conducted with a variety of tests, from acceleration, hill climbing, electricity consumption, ride comfort.

Does the BMW iX electric car go uphill?

Sporty BMW iX xDrive40

The BMW iX xDrive40 Sport is loaded with five passengers with a total weight of around 450 kg

The first review of the BMW iX 2023 is to test the climbing ability. We tested it with a road that has an extreme gradient of 21 degrees. So don’t miss out, the car is filled with five people weighing up to 450kg.

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Speaking of performance on paper, Sporty BMW iX xDrive40 it has an electric motor capable of producing 630 Nm of torque and 326 HP of power. All Wheel Drive (AWD) is also available to help overcome various road terrains. Is this electric car strong enough to climb?

During the test drive, we had the feeling that we were in a very special cockpit, one of which was the BMW iX which made the noise of a Formula e racing car. Mostly the sound comes out when you press the accelerator pedal.

When it devours the slopes, the iX xDrive40 Sport that the Moladin team tested can go easily and powerfully. There was no problem with the climb, even under stop and go conditions.

BMW iX acceleration performance in drag racing

Sporty BMW iX xDrive40

The BMW iX xDrive40 Sport that we reviewed has a total weight of 2.4 tons

The next revision of the BMW iX 2023 is the acceleration test and endurance race. We tried fully pressing the accelerator pedal on a straight road. The result is that the electric car weighing 2.4 tonnes takes just 5.7 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. Then, in the test of the endurance race from 0 to 201 meters, the BMW iX xDrive40 Sport managed to record a time of 9 seconds.

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This special performance is also supported by a sporty interior. Inside the cabin there are blue accents present as on the seat belt. Obviously this makes the driver in the cab more enthusiastic about driving it.

BMW iX battery charging time and electricity consumption

Review of the BMW iX xDrive40 Sport 2023

The mileage of the BMW iX 2023 can penetrate

The upcoming 2023 BMW iX review is a matter of battery capacity. On paper, this SUV uses a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 76.6 kWh. BMW claims that when the battery is charged, it can drive the car up to 390km. It’s right?

Our test results show that the BMW iX xDrive40 Sport can only save 4.9 km/kWh of electricity in the city or the equivalent of 375 km. Meanwhile, traveling on toll roads can save up to 6km/kWh, which is similar to 459km. Thus, BMW’s claim about its electric SUV is quite in line with our test results.

Then for the cooldown, from the condition electric car battery 0%-100% 7.5 hours and for DC use 10%-80% 31 minutes. Pretty good for a luxury electric car.

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Cabin comfort and baggage capacity

BMW iX xDrive40 Sport 2023

The trunk of the BMW iX is huge

And the comfortable interior of the BMW iX 2023? From the results of our review, it turns out that this car has a slamming suspension that feels quite stiff. Perhaps this is deliberately presented so that the car can maneuver stably, given the weight is quite large.

So what’s interesting is the bright interior with a combination of blue on the seat belt. The seats are also leather. Then on the roof is a large panoramic sunroof. The disadvantage of the BMW iX xDrive40 is that it does not have handrails on the ceiling for both first and second row passengers. Then there is not even the ventilated seat.

Even so, in terms of cabin holding, it’s pretty impressive. This BMW electric car recorded only 70.4 db. We ran this test on a quiet highway passing a speed camera on the road.

As for the luggage compartment capacity for the transport of goods, the BMW iX xDrive40 Sport has a very large rear space of up to 531 litres.

Hence the review related to the BMW iX 2023 review. Stay tuned to update the latest automotive news.


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