BYD’s electric car is ready to attack Indonesia, this is a prepared product

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BYD's electric car is ready to attack Indonesia, this is a prepared product

An electric car maker from China, namely BYD (Build Your Dreams) is ready to explore the Indonesian market, one of the company’s top officials told us.

The electric car maker from China i.e. BYD (Build Your Dreams) is ready to explore the Indonesian market. This was mentioned by one of the top officials of this company to the team when he was talking about it BYD Indonesia.

BYD Indonesia = Next project

“Incidentally, the focus is on several countries in Asia Pacific, Indonesia will soon become our next project,” one of our confidential sources who works for this brand from China told us.

Don’t hesitate, BYD will soon bring Atto 3 to the Indonesian market. “Yes, Act 3 is one of our most ready global line ups,” he told us during an informal chat with him a while back.

BYD Act 3 2024
Atto 3 is ready to welcome Indonesian consumers

For your information, BYD was previously in Indonesia working with one of the well known taxi company i.e. Blue Bird Group. “For Bluebird people, this is our business,” she said.

BYD Act 3 2023 rear exterior
BYD Indonesia will bring non-commercial passenger cars

BYD Indonesia will later introduce passenger electric vehicles, not commercial cars. “Yes, it is true that our passenger car is planning to enter Indonesia, but it needs further study and consolidation,” he said.

When we asked when the launch in Indonesia would be, this friendly man only smiled and said: “We cannot provide certain information yet because we are still in the study phase. Considerations must be mature because it is a mega investment. Because the BYD style is different from that of other brands,” he assured.

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Overview of BYD Act 3

BYD Atto 3 is the latest electric car produced by the manufacturer, which was founded in 1995. BYD Atto 3 carries its flagship battery called BYD Blade Battery (LFP) which is said to be more efficient and compact.

Interior of BYD Act 3 2023
The interior of BYD Act 3 is incredibly futuristic

This car can travel a maximum distance of 420 kilometers based on testing with the WLTP method. The BYD Atto 3 has an electric energy consumption of 15.6kWh/100km and is said to be able to sprint to 100km/h in just 7.3 seconds. ASwe are just waiting for developments regarding BYD Indonesia, only on ok…

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