Check out the benefits of DFSK Gelora E Ambulance

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IIMS 2023: Check out the benefits of DFSK Gelora E Ambulance

DFSK exhibits DFSK Gelora E Ambulance which is the only electric ambulance at Indonesia International Motor Show / IIMS 2023, how advanced is it?

DFSK shows the functional aspects of DFSK Gelora E which can be used for various needs of the society in Indonesia. DFSK demonstrated this by showcasing the first DFSK Gelora E-based electric ambulance at the 2023 Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS).

DFSK Gelora E can be any car

DFSK Gelora And Ambulance which was exhibited at JIExpo Kemayoran Jakarta booth A10, this is the first electric ambulance in Indonesia. The presence of vehicles for medical needs demonstrates how the vehicles offered by DFSK have the ability to be solutions for the different mobility needs of society and are environmentally friendly.

“DFSK has a passion to serve consumers in Indonesia by providing vehicles needed for a variety of safe, comfortable and quality mobility,” said Achmad Rofiqi, marketing manager at PT Sokonindo Automobile, owner of the DFSK brand in Indonesia.

DFSK Gelora 2023 ambulance
DFSK Gelora And Ambulance

Achmad Rofiqi with Fiqi’s greeting also said, “DFSK Gelora E Ambulance can be an example of how DFSK presents smart sustainable solutions to meet medical needs and offers sustainable spirit,” said Fiqi.

The development of Gelora E Ambulance DFSK was especially accomplished by collaborating with Cahaya Kurnia Mandiri (CKM) as a special bodywork for ambulance vehicles.

DFSK Gelora E Ambulance 2023
Equipment from DFSK Gelora E Ambulance

CKM’s appointment is inseparable from its ability and reputation as a manufacturer of ambulance vehicles, as well as maintaining the quality offered to consumers.

There are currently two ambulances operating in Indonesia according to their main duties and functions. The 2 ambulances are an emergency ambulance and a transport ambulance. Each ambulance has a different function according to the Regulation of the Minister of Health.

Interior of the DFSK Gelora 2023 EV ambulance
Interior DFSK Gelora And Ambulance

Emergency ambulance, this unit must have resuscitation equipment, diagnostic monitors, defibrillators and light surgery tools. Emergency ambulances also have conditions for use and routine documentation mechanisms that need to be performed, and the use of this ambulance is specifically for patients who are in an emergency condition.

Transport Ambulance, This ambulance unit is only used to route or deliver patients, but not in emergency conditions. in a transport ambulance, only an oxygen cylinder is usually attached as an additional tool.

DFSK Gelora 2023 electric ambulance
Who says electric cars are not suitable for ambulances?

The use of Gelora E Ambulance DFSK can be applied to these three kinds of functions as the first electric medical vehicle in Indonesia. DFSK Gelora E itself is supported by fast charging of 20 – 80%, it takes only 80 minutes.

With a driving distance of up to 300 kilometers. As for normal charging, DFSK Gelora E has a normal charging suitable for domestic electrical environments with an average of 220V 16A.

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300 kilometers need only IDR 71,400

The operating costs required on a daily basis are relatively cheap. The money spent to charge the battery from 0 to 100% costs only about IDR 71,400 (assuming electricity costs IDR 1,700/Kwh).

Consumers need not worry about the quality offered because there is a battery warranty of up to 5 years. This battery has also passed the IP67 certificate, so passengers don’t have to worry about being electrocuted or damaged when passing through puddles.

In terms of dimensions, the DFSK Gelora E has dimensions of 4,500mm x 1,680mm x 2,000mm (LxWxH) providing an extra roomy and spacious cabin, combined with reliable driving capabilities. This van is perfect for use as an ambulance.

Gelora EV ambulance
DFSK ambulance Gelora E

DFSK Gelora E is also supported by high energy efficiency and is able to reduce operating costs incurred by the use of vehicles. In regards to the need for ambulances, referral patients who are taken by ambulance to hospital on average do not travel 100km in one trip, especially when used in large cities.

So DFSK Gelora E is very suitable for use as an ambulance vehicle because the minimum mileage that can be achieved is 250km if the battery is in full condition.

“DFSK Gelora E starts a new chapter because it is the only electric vehicle that can be used as an ambulance. Its large size makes medical staff and patients traveling to the hospital comfortable, supported by suitable equipment, large power and of course without exhaust so that it is free from malodorous exhaust fumes and harmful to health,” concluded Krishna Maulana, marketing director of Cahaya Kurnia Mandiri.

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