Chery ready to launch 5 Premium SUVs until the end of 2023

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Chery ready to launch 5 Premium SUVs until the end of 2023

PT Chery Sales Indonesia (CSI) is set to launch 5 of its premium SUV products by the end of this year, continuing into 2024, and in 2025, it is also set to introduce 8 new models.

PT Chery Sales Indonesia (CSI) plans to launch five premium models by the end of 2023. This plan will expand the scope of the Chery product line in Indonesia, including the EV model.

After the success of OMODA 5, CSI will present TIGGO 4 Pro, two restylings of the SUV model, and OMODA BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle). Chery says this new model will be a popular choice for Indonesian consumers.

Chery is ready to introduce 5 more new cars until the end of this year
CSI is ready to introduce the 5 newest cars until the end of this year

“We have developed a detailed product strategy based on market trends and analysis. Going into the second quarter, we will definitely introduce a new model to expand the CIS market in Indonesia while continuing to strengthen sales of existing products,” said Shawn Xu, president of PT CSI at the iftar event in Chery Pluit, North Jakarta. yet so long.

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Until 2025 it will launch 8 new models

Not only that, from 2024 to 2025 CSI plans to launch eight new models. “We will provide many model choices to Indonesian automotive consumers, which is one of CSI’s steps to strengthen Chery’s consumer network across Indonesia,” he said.

There will be different models, namely a two-row REEV SUV, a two-row PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) SUV, a three-row REEV (Range Extended Electric Vehicle) SUV, a three-row ICE SUV and three SUV ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) two lines.

Chery Tigo 4 PRO
Chery Tiggo 4 PRO on sale soon?

“Chery will come with advanced technology and attractive design, so that it can support driving needs. Chery will become a popular and recognized premium vehicle brand in Indonesia,” said Shawn Xu, adding that his party will continue to supply products with high quality technology to Indonesian consumers. .

“With various models to be launched, Chery is reaching out to Indonesian consumers and demonstrating that Chery is a premium vehicle that can be trusted and continues to follow automotive trends,” he said.

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Objective: to sell 1,000 units of Omoda 5 per month

Additionally, CSI aims to sell 1,000 units of its all-new Omoda 5 car per month. “Our goal is to sell 1,000 units of OMODA 5 per month,” said Rendi Radito, sales director of PT Chery Sales Indonesia (CSI).

The delivery event of the 5 OMODA units was also held last week to live the experience of returning home or visiting relatives with their new vehicles. CSI hopes that the presence of OMODA 5 can provide a pleasant driving experience for consumers.

Deliver OMODA 5
CSI aims to sell 1,000 units of the Chery OMODA 5 per month

Rendi added, regarding the completeness of the vehicle documents, according to the rules it could be completed in 2 weeks to 30 days. However, the principal will help consumers who want to prepare dishes in advance, so that OMODA 5 can be used for this year’s homecoming.

“We can help consumers who want to use the OMODA 5 unit to get home right away by first making a vehicle license plate,” concluded Rendi.

With the receipt of these OMODA 5 units by their respective owners, now the owners also legally become part of the Chery Family and automatically join groups on the Whatsapp application. This group is provided by CSI to all of its customers so they can communicate directly with the CSI team and other OMODA 5 Chery Family owners.

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