Clipan Finance spreads kindness at the age of 41

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Clipan Finance spreads kindness on the 41st anniversary
Clipan Finance spreads kindness on the 41st anniversary

ROCKMOTIVE, Jakarta – In celebration of Clipan Finance’s 41st anniversary, PT Clipan Finance Indonesia, participated in ‘Spreading Kindness’ in 41 cities across Indonesia.

The finance company, which often benefits prospective car owners through a variety of enticing promotions, features “Spread the Goodness” by providing school essentials to outstanding students, groceries to underprivileged residents, and many other businesses.

Jahja Anwar, as the managing director of PT Clipan Finance Indonesia, Tbk explained that through this program his party wanted to make a positive impact not only on customers but also on the surrounding community.

“This success is obviously supported by colleagues from the Company’s subsidiaries and we have received many positive responses from the surrounding environment. This makes us try to interpret what we will do and provide the best for the environment around us as a form of corporate social responsibility, so that this action has value and is not just “aborted obligations,” Jahja explained, in the his official statement statement.

For the same sector of the automotive industry, Clipan Finance often offers various promotions through attractive down payments and attractive duration promotions so that it can facilitate customers to propose the vehicle of their dreams.

Thanks to their hard work throughout 2022, they have now managed to end the year with revenues exceeding IDR 7.4 trillion, an increase of around 100.24% from the previous year.

“Building on the great enthusiasm, consistency and strategic initiatives that have been launched, we are confident that we will be able to meet various challenges in the future,” added Harjanto Tjitohardjojo, principal director.

Strategies to be implemented include market penetration, product diversification and service transformation.

From an internal perspective, we will improve the quality of human resources (“HR”) as the key to successful work processes through various training courses and development of potential and skills.

Realizing that times are constantly changing and developing, Clipan Finance is determined to improve time after time.

Up to its 41st year, Clipan Finance remains faithful to meet the financing needs of the Indonesian people and proves that the values ​​and principles we uphold can become a solid foundation for Clipan Finance to endure and provide added value to all stakeholders.


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