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JAKARTA – The Honda CBR250RR SP has more power because it has better technology.

The 250cc motorsport class is a much loved unit in some circles of society. This type of engine continues to grow both in terms of technology and appearance. Consumers are spoiled by the ever-increasing choice of various motorcycle manufacturers.

Honda is one of the manufacturers which has a 250 sport model. This product has received a good response from the consumers. The motorcycle manufacturer that bears the Flapping Wings symbol also continues to develop its technology to attract consumer interest.

Honda CBR250RR SP is one of their newest products with the latest technology. Several modifications have been made to achieve better engine performance. The Main Dealer for Honda Jakarta Tangerang namely PT Wahana Makmur Sejati (WMS) did an online surgery of the Honda CBR250RR SP some time ago.

The Honda CBR250RR SP is currently believed to be capable of unleashing a maximum power of 41PS at 3,000rpm with a maximum torque of 25Nm at 11,000rpm. The resources of this vehicle are obtained from the latest integrated technology.

Honda CBR250RRSP

“This model is equipped with the Assist and Slipper Clutch function, which is useful for preventing rear tire slippage when performing extreme engine braking. This technology makes consumers feel that the clutch operation process is lighter,” he said Wahyu Budi, Wahana Technical Service Function Instructor.

A part from that, Honda CBR250RRSP Also equipped with an anti-lock braking system (ABS) which makes the driver safer when accelerating. This feature also offers maximum comfort while driving.

The Honda CBR250RR itself recently underwent an update. While still using the same engine, i.e. 250cc 4-stroke DOHC 8-valve liquid-cooled, 2-cylinder. This iron horse is believed to be capable of producing a maximum power output of 38.7bhp at 12,500rpm. While the torque reaches 23.3 Nm at 11,000 rpm.

The refresh itself includes new color choices such as Bravery Red Black which brings a black and red color scheme. This touch makes the vehicle more aggressive.

“Performance-wise, there is an upgrade for Cylinder Com. The changes to the top of the piston increase the compression ratio. This was also accompanied by changes to the pistons, ring thickness, connecting rods and modifications to weight balance,” Wahyu later explained.

Honda CBR250RRSP The Racing Red color is marketed at the DKI Jakarta OTR (On The Road) price of IDR 73,300,000. The other two colours, namely Mat Gunpowder Black Metallic and Bravery Red Black are each marketed at the DKI Jakarta OTR (On The Road) price of IDR 72,700,000.

The Honda CBR250RR Black Freedom is marketed at the DKI Jakarta OTR (On The Road) price of IDR 61,600,000. Meanwhile, the Mat Gunpowder Black Metallic and Bravery Red Black colors are marketed at DKI Jakarta OTR (On The Road) prices of IDR 66,100,000. [Dew/Idr]



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