Collectors are bored of monkeys and don’t want to pay royalties

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royal pain: NFT creators make less money on secondary sales than they made in two years, according to a report of the Nansen data analysis platform. Royalty payments peaked in April 2022, hitting 28,000 ETH (nearly $76 million) for creators in one week. Meanwhile, the best week of June saw creators collectively earn 2,000 ETH, or roughly $3.8 million. As competition among NFT markets has intensified, many of the most popular platforms have changed their policies on applying royalty payments to stay afloat. Two of the largest NFT marketplaces, Blur and OpenSea, have gone tit for tat earlier this year, but decided to impose a minimum royalty payment of 0.5%. In either case, collectors have the option of paying more royalties, although the practice appears to be rare.


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