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Jakarta – PT Chery Sales Indonesia (CSI) has just delivered 100 units of OMODA 5 to the top 100 consumers in the Greater Jakarta area!

This is the event, “OMODA Handover Ceremony 5” at JIExpo Kemayoran, Central Jakarta last Saturday (1/4).

Omodo 5

There is also Luna Maya Lol present as a consumer. For Cherry, this OMODA 5 presentation is their way of giving appreciation to loyal consumers. Cold really yes.

“We welcome and thank you for joining the Chery family! Thank you also for choosing OMODA 5 as your vehicle,” said Shawn Xu, president of PT Chery Sales Indonesia.

Chery is also committed to providing the best service and will deliver 100 units of the OMODA 5 that day out of a total of 300 units to be delivered in April.

Presentation of OMODA 5 remaining 200 units

Chery Omoda 5 jiexpo

The remaining 200 units will be delivered later. Chery cares about the timeliness of delivery and also provides a brief explanation and a user guide to understand the features of OMODA 5.

After this event, consumers can take their OMODA 5 units home and become part of the Chery Family.

In addition, they automatically join the Whatsapp application group for all consumers, so they can communicate directly with the CSI team and other OMODA 5 owners.

How exciting is the event?

Overview about OMODO 5this same car is the first global product of Chery Automobile which is very attractive for Indonesia.

This car is designed with the latest Chery technology and its features ensure easy driving and optimal safety system.

The design is very futuristic and can increase the confidence of the owners.



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