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ENEOS launches a new car racing game, as a marketing strategy series in 2023. The launched game product is ENEOS Race Ver 2.0, which is the newest version of the ENEOS Race game, which is made more challenging.

ENEOS Race is a car racing game available on the ENEOS Mobile smartphone application. Victory won in the game ENEOS Race will generate points that can be exchanged for a variety of free prizes.

The previous game ENEOS Race was launched in late 2021. At that time, more than 30% of active users were playing ENEOS Race regularly every day.

Seeing the great enthusiasm for ENEOS Race game, then ENEOS raises the level of the game by changing the way of playing and adding a variety of challenges that can trigger your adrenaline.

The challenge presented by ENEOS Race Ver 2.0 is higher than its predecessor, but with a relatively simple way to play. Players must collect the stars scattered along the way as they overcome the challenges that appear.

Points will be earned based on the distance of the race and the number of stars earned. The speed of the car will also continue to increase along with the distance travelled. Then pEarned coins can be exchanged for various rewards in the Points Exchange feature.

ENEOS has launched a car racing game

a variety of exciting ENEOS prizes, from Android mobiles to pure gold.

A number of attractive prizes that can be exchanged are Redmi xxx smartphones, pure gold, smart bands, MAP vouchers, helmets, limited edition ENEOS die-cast, ENEOS merchandise to complement the ENEOS product variants.


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