Eneos Otorun becomes a forum for the motorcycle and automotive communities

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eneos otorun

ROCKMOTIVE, Jakarta – If normally automotive community Just hanging out with other car communities, but thanks to that Eneos Otorun could unite the automotive community and motorcycle become one.

This is the purpose for which PT Nippon Oil Indonesia as a distributor of Eneos lubricants, he held an event entitled ‘Eneos Otorun’ collaborating with the car and motorcycle community.

So Eneos Otorun is a meeting forum for the motorcycle and automotive community which should be useful as a place for information exchange and communication between communities.

Eneos automatic execution

“This year, Aeneos officially organizes the activity of Eneos Otorun dedicated to the Indonesian community”, explained Imran Razy, General Manager of PT Nippon Oil Indonesia in his official statement.

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The first edition of Eneos Otorun will take place on 11th March 2023 at Digra Coffee and 12th March 2023 at Kopi Pilu Jakarta. The event will resume on March 18 at Tokonoma, South Tangerang and March 19 at Kopi Nako Depok.

“Activities with this community are beneficial to the community itself and the wider community so that it has a long-term social function,” Imran said.

In this event, all the community participants mix and communicate with each other through the activities offered such as team games, sharing sessions and don’t miss the opportunity to ride together.

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This activity met with great enthusiasm from the participants. Nearly 500 community participants were recorded to have attended the two events.

eneos otorun

There were a number of communities including Ace Racer, Jakarta 3V, XSR, PX Indonesia, South Jakarta Bold Riders, Mice Ride, KCDC, Kracker, Trow MC, Pannick, Brothers Of Ninja, Badwolves, Bekasi Ninja Club, Kawasaki Retro Riders, APHC, CBR Old East Jakarta, East Jakarta Yamaha R15 Club, East Jakarta Kracker, Jabodetabek 60s, Sluggish But Come on and TJ Motorcycle.

Then there are also De Clown Scootcycle, Vespaansih, Kracker Tangerang, Mocaves, SBOC, R-Series, YRFI, PCX, Equal Vespa, Dream Wheels Garage, Carbonds Cafe Racer, Xabre Owners Depok, Kawasaki Retro Riders, DSFI Depok, YROI, SSFC SATRIA 150, Pura Pura Scooter, Barkode, Rider Aerox Indonesia, Dynasti Of Max, GRAVINCI, XLOW, AXIC and Unlimited Solidarity.

“We hope that the Eneos Otorun event will become a routine activity which has been much anticipated and can also be beneficial for the development of the automotive community in the country,” Imran said.


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