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PT Pertamina Lubricants (PTPL) is present in the busy spot of motor vehicle travelers through the homecoming places of Alert Fastron and Lesehan Enduro. Pertamina Siaga Fastron is a homecoming place in rest area as part of Rumah Pertamina Siaga. There are oil change facilities and THR Fastron merchandise here.

The Fastron Pertamina Siaga Command Post is located on the Cipali toll road for those traveling by car with three Rest Area points, namely the SPBU Rest Area KM 57, KM 379A and KM 228. The post facilities include a first kit first aid, Ta’jil and drinks and Wi-Fi. The Pertamina Alert Fastron Command Post can be found from 15 April to 21 April 2023.

“We estimate that the number of visitors to the Fastron Alert post will reach 2,000 travelers this year and Pertamina Fastron, as one of our leading brands for the ready-to-standby four-wheeler segment, is the best vehicle partner. travelers can experience a comfortable driving sensation by using Fastron oil which is able to ensure optimal acceleration and keeps the engine room clean so as to protect the engine from wear and tear,” said Sari Rachmi, director of sales and marketing at PTPL, during a SATGAS visit to KM 57 Autostrada Cipali, some time ago.

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Sari went on to say that checking the vehicle is very important so that the return home is safe and comfortable. The vehicle check includes several parts such as checking the condition of the oil and the air filter, checking the battery and checking the car’s tire pressure.

He also suggested it should be replaced car oil before returning home or embarking on a long journey. Additionally, travelers should ensure that they choose the oil with the correct specification for their vehicle, especially by following the OEM Manual or by visiting to match the right oil for their vehicle type . Not only that, they are also encouraged to purchase oil from trusted repair shops.

Lesehan Enduro command post located off the toll road

Pertamina Standby Fastron Post

The location of the Enduro lesehan is at the Al Huda Mosque in Cirebon and the Al Fairuz Pekalongan Mosque.

Meanwhile, at the Lesehan Enduro Command Post which is off the Trans Java toll road. This is specifically for travelers who do not use the toll road. Both motorists and motorcyclists can rest for a while at two non-paying post points, namely Cirebon Al Huda Mosque and Al Fairuz Pekalongan Mosque.

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Travelers can enjoy rest facilities along with promotions Oil change with Ketupat Enduro merchandise. Facilities include Complimentary Ta’jil and Complimentary Sahur Meal, Masseuse, Barber Haircut, Kids Play Area, TV, Wifi, Hand Sanitizer and Masks, and Beverage Refrigerator. Lesehan Enduro also provides services for oil changes and light assistance.

“Lesehan Enduro is the right and comfortable resting place for motorcyclists or car drivers with full services for families. On this occasion we pray that travelers will arrive safely at their destination, not forgetting to continue to obey road signs, drive safely, comfortably and stay alert. Happy to celebrate Victory Day,” concluded Sari.

This is a review of Pertamina’s Fastron standby position. Stay tuned to update the latest automotive news.


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