Fazzio 125 luggage and storage capacity, can hold litres!

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Not only was the Yamaha Fazzio born with a new and unique design for the tuning fork exit, but this bike was also born with lots and lots of stowage space.

Even though it has a relatively small body, the Fazzio has the largest cargo capacity in its class to date.

The Fazzio’s boot capacity is 17.8 liters and can fit a standard retro half face helmet, Yamaha have also supplied a cool default helmet that can be stored in the boot.

Its closest competitor, the Honda Scoopy, has a boot capacity of just 15.4 litres, although the Scoopy can also be used to store its default helmet.

As for the fuel tank capacity, even though the Yamaha Fazzio only has a 125cc engine, the tank capacity is very large, which holds 5.1 liters of petrol.

With a tank capacity like this, Fazzio users will rarely go back and forth to gas stations, because in addition to the large tank capacity, fuel consumption is also economical. BlogOtive themselves tested it in the previous article and this Fazzio can produce a constant fuel consumption at 60km per liter in several tests. (Read more: Yamaha Fazzio Inexpensive or expensive? These are the results of its fuel consumption test)

Boot capacity is about the same as the Yamaha Aerox with the 5.5-litre tank, although the Fazzio sits under the seat, it can actually hold a lot of volume.

Meanwhile, for its closest competitor, the Honda Scoopy again has to admit Fazzio’s superiority because the Scoopy’s trunk capacity is only 4.2 litres.

Fazzio Storage and Vano Vano 125

In addition to having a large trunk and tank capacity, the Yamaha Fazzio also has several very useful storage compartments and compartments.

On the left side of the dashboard is a closed console box where you can store and recharge your mobile phone.

This console box has been tested by BlogOtive and a 6.5 inch cellphone can fit perfectly inside.

Yamaha Fazzio Battery Charger Box Console

On the right side of the dashboard is a very deep cup holder, ensuring drinks are secure and not easily jolted.

Yamaha Fazzio 125 cup holder

This Fazzio has a very wide flat bridge, my shoe size which is 44 is still very flexible back and forth. As well as being roomy, BlogOtive has also tried this deck for carrying gallons and gas bottles and it turns out it can be done easily, being able to even carry two gallons left and right in a standing position.

Yamaha Fazzio can load gallons and bottles of gas

A flat-bed scooter really is a requirement for moms to carry gallons, and Yamaha seems to understand that. Haha

  • Two hangers for groceries

Yamaha is really smart about making Fazzio luggage-friendly. Yamaha makes a hook at the bottom of the seat. So in addition to being in the center of the dashboard where these 2 hooks can be very useful for shopping with many pockets.

Yamaha Fazzio 125 food hanger

This is the storage capacity of the Yamaha Fazzio 125 Hybrid Connected. According to BlogOtive, this bike is perfect for storage, even though its capacity is similar to larger bikes like the Aerox.


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