Flash Goes Web3, Yuga Labs Still Hard at Work on “Bold” Project Otherside, and More

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Warner’s The Flash goes Web3, no applause…

Warner Bros.’ The Non-Fungible Token Unit (NFT) unveiled a new Web3 experience for the recently released DC Comics Superhero Movie, flash, who would have flopped At the box office.

According to an ad from Warner Bros. Digital Collectibles, The Flash Web3 Movie Experience will launch on July 18 and will include NFT collections, augmented reality experiences, access to behind-the-scenes content and the entire film in 4K ultra HD, to name a few- one. .

The Web3 Flash experience. Source: Warner Bros. Digital Collectibles.

The project will be hosted on the Eluvio blockchain, which Warner Bros. has used in the past for similar Superman and Lord of the Rings Web3 experiences.

The experience is presented as part of two different mystery bag editions, Mystery and Premium.

The Mystery Edition will cost $35 and the Premium Edition will cost $100, with the latter containing greater perks and a chance to get seemingly better NFTs.

On Twitter, the reaction from the community was not too enthusiastic.

Top comment by user Satvik Sethi has 1,649 likes at the time of writing and simply states, “Pay your writers and stop looking for money on Web3.

Another user sarcastically wrote, “Wow the Flash is back in 2021,” referring to that year’s manic NFT bull market, while Twitter user Simon suggested that Warner Bros. had to “fire” whoever runs his Web3 department.

Smirking comments. Source: Twitter

Yuga Labs Focuses on Otherside Metaverse Amid BAYC Slowdown

With Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT floor price tanking significantly in 2023Yuga Labs CEO Daniel Alegra pointed out that the company is working hard to develop its Otherside metaverse project.

Speaking at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference on July 13, Alegra kept her cards close to her chest but describe that Yuga’s plans for Otherside are “bold” and as such will “take time” to materialize.

Crashing BAYC NFT floor price. Source: NFT floor price.

So far, Otherside has only been available for a few Early Access trips for the BAYC community, and it remains to be seen when the project will officially launch.

Providing a little more insight, Alegre said Otherside will “bring communities together” and “bring new, innovative Web3-based experiences, starting with games.”

“As an NFT holder, you will be able to participate in designing what we are building, which is this Otherside metaverse,” he said.

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Roi raises $3.6 million to build an app that compiles crypto alongside NFT holdings

On July 13, the King investment application start-up announcement a $3.6 million round of financing to develop its portfolio manager application.

The funding round was led by Spark Capital and included participation from NBA star and Phoenix Suns venture capital firm Kevin Durant, 35 Ventures and Google’s Gradient Ventures, to name a few. -ones.

The Roi app allows users to track their stock, crypto and NFT holdings all in one place, as it can compile balances from a multitude of crypto/web3 wallets to give the user a clear picture of their net worth .

It also allows users to trade on its list of supported brokers and crypto wallets.

King app mobile interface. Source: Apple Store

The startup plans to use the capital to help grow its headcount from the current five team members, expand product offerings, and hire legal and security experts.

Magnificent Century is coming to The Sandbox

A very popular Turkish TV series titled magnificent century has partnered with The Sandbox to bring its IP to the Metaverse.

According to a July 14 article from Variety, the partnership was announced via a global launch event in Paris earlier in the week.

As part of this partnership, users of The Sandbox will be able to get their hands on 3D avatars of Magnificent Century characters by the end of 2023.

The TV series reportedly had over 500 million viewers worldwide, and it is the second major IP TV show to enter The Sandbox after The Walking Dead signed in 2021.

“We are thrilled to welcome such an internationally acclaimed Turkish series as ‘Magnificent Century’ to The Sandbox and further strengthen our growing presence in this important region,” said COO and Co-Founder of The Sandbox, Sébastien Borget, during the event.

Other interesting news

The Google Play Store now allows video game publishers to sell NFT games in his storeaccording to a July 12 blog post from the store’s group product manager, Joseph Mills.

Spielworks, blockchain game start-ups recently associated with the Web3 Mycelium Network platform to launch a program that allows full refunds for NFT purchases.

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