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[ad_1] – The MAB Pickup or Nation’s Children’s Car is an electric car model for the nation’s children. In fact, the introduction of this electric product at PEVS 2023 is an attempt to showcase locally produced electric cars.

In fact, this product is actually quite cool. With a similar posture to pickups in general, perhaps many people like this model. Only the machine is replaced with an electrical or electrical system. Because of what? Yes, it really supports renewable energy which is currently a trend in Indonesia.

So, is this model just a prototype or will it be sold in the Indonesian market? The interesting thing is that yesterday we can see the whole design of this prototype pickup at PEVS 2023.

MAB PSOE E-Double Cabin It’s called

The E-Double Cabin or MAB Pickup itself is a very interesting name for us to look at. How is it that a Double Cabin Pickup can use electric batteries as its main power. Therefore, this electric car looks bigger than the Pickup overall.

For the size itself, the size reaches 5.3 meters in length and 1.8 meters in width, and the height is also the same. While the step is only 3 meters. So the electric motor mount for this car itself uses a LiFePO type battery with a capacity of 50 kWh and uses wind cooling. While the maximum speed itself is only 100 km / hour.

While the autonomy can reach 200 km and 300 km. For the motorcycle itself, it uses its own water cooling, and the maximum power can reach 150 kW with a torque of 295 Nm.

Uniquely, the charging system can use the DC or AC system itself. In fact, this is the advantage of the MAB itself. Indeed, the appearance of this double cab will be a prototype electric car with a bathtub.

Even the interior itself uses many models of the Pickup. Nothing has changed except the counter group itself.

This time there are many MAB prototypes in addition to the MAB pickupMAB pickups

In fact, the prototype model of MAB can be said to be the solution for electric vehicles in Indonesia. Perhaps, some of the prototypes that were here were electric garbage trucks, electric buses and many more.

For this reason, the opportunity at PEVS itself to showcase a variety of MAB’s own products will be an attraction for the future.


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