Good weekend! Check travel destinations from Jakarta with friends

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Good weekend!  Check travel destinations from Jakarta with friends

After being satisfied with Eid with family, now it’s time to enjoy this weekend holiday with friends, check out the destinations for weekend gateway..

After spending a lot of time with family during Eid al-Fitr yesterday, now is the time to spend time with friends for a getaway together, also known as a weekend getaway.

One of them is celebrating a weekend with friends to enjoy the beautiful nature and try different activities. Fill this weekend with new and fun experiences, but it also helps relieve stress and helps restore energy.

It is more comfortable to go to the weekend gateway with friends in a seven-seater vehicle with a soft and comfortable suspension such as a car in the lowered multi-purpose vehicle (LMPV) segment, such as the Toyota Avanza Veloz GR Limited, which has a more sporty compared to the usual Toyota Veloz.

The luggage compartment of the Avanza Veloz GR Limited has a large capacity
The luggage compartment of the Avanza Veloz GR Limited has a large capacity for weekends

This special edition car is limited to just 50 units to celebrate Toyota’s 50th birthday in Indonesia. PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) priced this unit by raising the price by IDR 8.5 million for all types. Thus, according to the official website, Veloz GR Limited is now being offered starting at IDR 221.4 million to IDR 243.8 million.

Here are some suggestions of places and activities for a weekend away from Jakarta with friends with the right vehicle as a travel companion. Check out the cities selected for this weekend.

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Bandung has always been a popular choice for weekend getaways for young people, especially those living in Jakarta. Located about 150km from Jakarta, Bandung offers fresh air, beautiful natural scenery and many delightful places to eat and shop.

Veloz GR Limited accompanies a tea garden tour
Veloz GR Limited accompanies a tea garden tour on weekends

For example, the nature tourism offered by Bandung is Tangkuban Perahu and Kawah Putih. For those who like outdoor activities, you can try nature walking on Anteng slope or climb Moko hill.

2. Banten

If you miss the feel of the waves and the smell of the beach, you can also enjoy exotic beaches like Tanjung Lesung and Sawarna, in Banten. Exploring Ujung Kulon National Park which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and learning about the unique local culture can also be an option.

Advance Veloz GR Limited for weekend gateway getaways with friends
Advance Veloz GR Limited for weekend gateway getaways with friends

3. Bogor

Bogor is one of the greenest cities in Indonesia and is famous for its beautiful gardens, no wonder it is nicknamed the ‘rainy city’. Located about 60 km from Jakarta, Bogor offers many comfortable accommodation options, as well as various activities such as cycling, hiking and culinary tours.

In Bogor City, you can visit fresh and green tours in Bogor Botanical Gardens. You can have a nice photo session by expanding your knowledge here. You can also visit the gardens, the old Dutch cemetery, the zoological museum, the Reinwardt monument and the suspension bridge.

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4. Sentul area

In Bogor, there is now an area known as Sentul and it has become one of the best choices as a weekend getaway due to its location near Jakarta. There are many villas or resorts to be found here with beautiful mountain views.

5. Any

Anyer is a suitable destination for those who want to feel a calm and comfortable beach atmosphere. Located about 150 km from Jakarta, Anyer offers beautiful ocean views and various beach activities, such as snorkeling and diving.

Cars for a million people, good energy, large capacity
Cars for a million people, good power, large capacity are really fun to accompany the weekend

6. Sukabumi

Sukabumi weekend destination is the right choice for those of you who want to enjoy a short weekend filled with a variety of exciting and interesting activities. Sukabumi has many beautiful and instagrammable tourist spots, from beaches, waterfalls, caves, to playgrounds.

If you like surfing or swimming in the sea, Ujung Genteng beach is the right place for you. This beach has big waves and is good for surfing. Meanwhile, if you like adventure, Buniayu Cave is a place that must be visited because it has amazing stalactites. Together with your friends, you can explore this cave with the help of a professional guide.

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