Goodcar Indonesia offers benefits in buying and selling used cars

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Goodcar Indonesia's used car buying and selling platform makes things easier for consumers
Goodcar Indonesia’s used car buying and selling platform makes things easier for consumers

ROCKMOTIVE, Jakarta – To make it easier for consumers to carry out used car purchase and sale transactions, the Indomobil Group introduces platforms Their latest is Goodcar Indonesia.

Through the presence of this online used car buying and selling service, they offer benefits in the form of old car to new car trade-in along with presenting the best quality MOT services and consumers can also make cash or credit purchase transactions .

“Indomobil Group has been involved in the Indonesian automotive industry since 1976, of course the presence of Goodcar Indonesia is a new color and complements our business services in Indonesia,” he said Andi Melati Octavia, Managing Director of PT Goodcar Indo Ciptakreasi.

When carrying out inspections of existing units, they will conduct them thoroughly, under all conditions car guaranteed to be workable and of excellent quality.

For your information, through Goodcar Indonesia service, consumers can enjoy used car sales technology services, they can switch to online sales where this can be done with one hand, now it is more and more easier for people to choose used cars according to their desired needs.

Meanwhile, in the services provided to consumers, this platform also provides different services ranging from consulting to test drives and after-sales pricing which will be provided transparently.

“All transactions starting from the inspection, buying and selling of cars are done digitally in a secure and comfortable way. The public can access the collection used car which has undergone an inspection process by an Indomobil Group certified inspector,” added Steven, Chief Operating Officer of PT Goodcar Indo Ciptakreasi.

Furthermore, he also added that all the units sold have undergone a fairly rigorous process and have ensured that they are all free from signs of flooding and collisions.

“All units sold by Goodcar have gone through a rigorous inspection process and it is guaranteed that all units we offer are free from flooding and accidents. In addition, we also provide a variety of after-sales services, from repairs to maintenance,” he added

In addition, also guarantees that all the complete documents of the car are in original and complete condition. So used car buyers need not worry, because all units sold are quality assured.


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