GT World Challenge Asia is a new step for TGRI

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Through the GT World Challenge Asia 2023, TGRI is doing a lot of development
Through the GT World Challenge Asia 2023, TGRI is doing a lot of development

ROCKMOTIVE, Thailand – The opening series of GT World Challenge Asia 2023 which took place at Chang International Circuit, Buriram, Thailand managed to become a good momentum for Toyota Gazoo Racing Indonesia (TGRI).

In the first race which took place on Saturday (13/5/2023), Haridarma Manoppo, the TGRI riders managed to complete the mission very well throughout the race. Although the race was delayed due to rain, the Clerk of the Course decided to continue as soon as the weather allowed.

“Actually, during the first race we were on the grid, they had already stated that the race had to be dry. So, given the weather conditions with increasing rain, we have to postpone it first,” said Haridarma Maoppo, on the sidelines of the GT World Challenge Asia 2023 event.

Even so, this first series remains a good development arena for the team Toyota Gazoo Racing Indonesia. Not only the results achieved, but also several technical issues related to race preparation and the impetus to work together with a Japanese mechanical team went well.

Through the GT World Challenge Asia 2023, TGRI is doing a lot of development
Runner Haridarma Manoppo (left) and Seita Nonaka (right) on the podium (Photo: TGRI)

“In my opinion, this is a step forward for me personally, for the team and for everyone. Now we know what the GT World Challenge Asia race is like, starting from the preparation, starting from the car, up to what the drivers should be” , he added.

Meanwhile regarding the presence of Seita Nonaka as a teammate, Haridarma revealed that he was the right choice. Remember flight hours runner Japan is already qualified, they can learn a lot about controlling this GT4 racing car.

“Incidentally, Nonaka is in the same car, he had raced 16 times last year, so he really owned it. If you look at the data, in addition to making me learn more, his presence has given me new knowledge for the race of the GT World Challenge Asia,” added Haridarma.

What Nonaka shared also proved very positive for Haridarma’s performance in the Toyota GR Supra GT4. It can also be seen from the stopwatch that continues to improvise from session to session.


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