Honda Beat Automatic Motorcycle Care Tips You Should Know!

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[ad_1] – The maintenance of automatic Honda Beat motorcycles, especially in Indonesia, is very simple, because the automatic motorcycles themselves are very useful to meet the needs of daily activities. Especially with the automatic motorcycle type is a type Honda motorcycle very popular.

Automatic motorcycles have the advantage of making them easier for drivers to use. Thus, the driver no longer needs to play with the gear or clutch.

Therefore, motorcycles for the Honda Beat class are the most demanded by contemporary women and young people. But it is very unfortunate, for these two groups there is a lack of attention to the maintenance of the automatic motorcycle.

However, if you don’t do enough maintenance, you can get damage from various parts. So, in this case it will force the user to keep spending money to fix it.

This can be said, taking care of an automatic motorcycle is a very wise and profitable step compared to having to repair various parts of the motorcycle that are damaged and need to be replaced.

Below are some tips that you can do to take care of your Honda Beat automatic motorcycle so that the engine performance is always optimal and not easily damaged.

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Honda Beat Motorcycle Care Tips

Honda Beat Motorcycle Care Tips (Source: Astra Motor)

1. Warm up the motorcycle engine before riding

Warming up the motorcycle engine is usually done in the morning. This step is very easy and simple to perform. However, the reality is that this is always underestimated by motorcycle users.

Motor engines are heated to prepare various components such as oil and motor engines. This is very important because considering that the engine must require preparation before working to generate power on the engine.

2. Perform periodic maintenance regularly

Indeed, Honda automatic motorcycles need to be maintained regularly. This aims to overcome the existence of complaints about automatic motorcycles.

Generally, periodic maintenance is done with regular oil changes over a period of 2,000 km.

3. Choose high-octane fuel for your automatic motorcycle

The recommended fuel for Honda is with an octane number higher than 90. With this fuel the combustion in the engine will be perfect and maximum performance.

However, if you are using low octane fuel. This will make the bike’s engine heavy and rough.

4. ECU routine check

Honda Beat motorcycles with an injection system are usually controlled by the Electronic Control Unit (ECU). If there is interference with the ECU, the injection system on the bike will not work properly.

This can lead to the engine not wanting to run or breaking down. Therefore, routine checks should be performed on the engine ECU.

Source and photo: Astra Motor


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