Honda WR-V safety predicate gets five stars

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Honda WR-V safety title results get five stars
Honda WR-V safety title results get five stars

ROCKMOTIVE, Jakarta – In order to provide an insight into the quality presented by Honda for its customers, through the results of the Honda WR-V safety title carried out by the ASEAN NCAP, it has managed to achieve impressive results.

In this test, baby SUVs achieved a score of 77.07 out of 100 (94.93/120 for total score) in which this car successfully passed a series of front and side crash tests as well as testing its safety features.

Additionally, the Honda WR-V’s safety title also managed a score of 27.41/32 for the Adult Occupant Protection (AOP) category, then 42.79/51 for Child Occupant Protection (COP), a score of 16.37/21 for Safety Assist Technologies (SAT) and 8.36/16 for the Safety of Motorcyclists (MS).

One of the recipes for success car this has been reinforced by a G-CON + ACE technology body structure with Side Impact Beam that works by helping to spread impact energy to protect the car’s cabin in the event of a collision, even with vehicles of all shapes and size.

Not only that, the safety title of the Honda WR-V is also supported by the presence of six airbags capable of protecting the driver and passengers in the front, side and pillar sections. To provide safety aspects for child passengers, this model has been equipped with ISOFIX and Tether on the second row of seats, designed to be able to securely fasten child car seats.

Additionally, this model, first released on November 2, 2022, also features Pedestrian Protection which includes shock absorbing wiper pivots, shock absorbing hoods, folding hood hinges, shock absorbing leg construction and shock-absorbing fenders. This technology serves to minimize the severity of pedestrian injuries in the event of an accident.

“Achieving the Honda WR-V safety title demonstrates our commitment to the safety of its users and fulfills the vision of creating a safer environment for drivers, passengers and other road users,” said Yusak Billy, Business Innovation and Sales Marketing Director of PT Honda Prospect Motor, in an official statement.

The achievements from this new model complement other SUV models that previously received similar results from ASEAN NCAP, including the new HR-V and new BR-V in September 2022 and the CR-V in 2017.


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