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In this article, we’ll show you how to calculate Fortuner car tax. This is important to know, especially when you want to own the Toyota SUV. Don’t let after you have it, you can’t even pay the annual fee.

understand, Used Toyota Fortuner now the price begins to be affordable, starting from Rp. 100 million for the first generation or the 2005 alert. Then the ex Fortuner VNT alert of 2012, the official price starts from Rp. 200 million.

If the price is cheap, is the tax for a used Fortuner car cheap too? Definitely cheaper than the new Fortuner or young year tax around 2022, which has to be paid annually starting at Rp. 8 million.

Used Fortuner fees are cheaper, because a different fee will be charged each year. The older the car, the cheaper the annual fee. Not just the year, it also determines the variant or type of Fortuner you have. If the variant is low, the fee is obviously cheaper.

Consult the STNK for the Toyota Fortuner tax

how to calculate the Fortuner car tax

You will get a white number plate if you have paid the 5 year road tax.

How to calculate Fortuner car tax is actually not difficult. You can look at the STNK, where it says Nominal Motor Vehicle Tax (PKB), then the Compulsory Traffic Accident Donation Amount (SWDKLLJ) and administrative costs. Just add all three together, and then you will find the tax that must be paid each year for the Toyota Fortuner.

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Now for PKB, the rates vary depending on the year of manufacture, car variant, region and progressive tax. The way to get a nominal PKB Fortuner can use the formula 2% x Motorized Vehicle Sales Value (NJKB). Don’t get me wrong, NJKB is not the price of a used car, it was determined by the government. For DKI Jakarta area, NJKB can be seen on the page

Fortuner car tax 2005

As an illustration, we tried to calculate the tax for the 2005 Fortuner car, which used a 2.7 liter petrol engine, which had a NJKB of IDR 135 million. So the PKB is 2% x 135 million IDR, which is 2.7 million IDR.

This still needs to be added to the SWDKLLJ which amounts to IDR 147 thousand and an administration fee of IDR 50 thousand. Then the 2005 Fortuner annual fee was obtained, approximately Rp. 2.897 million. Still convenient right?

Auto Fortuner stamp 2013

Jan-1 lucky car stamp

The 2013 Toyota Fortuner already uses a diesel engine with VNT

How about a 2013 or younger Fortuner, roughly how much is the annual fee? Description 2013 Fortuner with 2.5 liter diesel engine with VNT automatic transmission, has NJKB of IDR 251 million. So the PKB is 2% x 251 million IDR, which is 5.02 million IDR.

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Then the PKB was added to the SWDKLLJ which amounted to Rp. 147 thousand. There is also an administration fee of IDR 50,000. So the 2013 Fortuner annual fee is around IDR 5.217 million. Pretty expensive too huh?

Auto Fortuner 2015 stamp

For those of you who want to buy a Toyota Fortuner Gen-2, the taxes are of course even more expensive. For information, 2015 NJKB Fortuner 2.4G 4X2 AT is IDR 305 million. So the PKB is 2% x IDR 305 million = IDR 6.1 million.

To this is added SWDKLLJ which amounts to IDR 147 thousand. Plus an administration fee of IDR 50,000. So the 2015 Fortuner annual fee is around IDR 6.297 million.

Is it not easy to calculate the Fortuner car tax? After finding out, are you still interested in buying a used Fortuner? The point is, if you don’t want to pay more, avoid it progressive tax. You do this by not having more than one similar vehicle. For example, a car and a motorbike will not be subject to progressive tax. But if there are two cars or three cars, the tax will definitely be higher.

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So to check the Toyota Fortuner tax that you are charged, you can also do it in the simplest way. No need to worry about calculating it manually. You just have to enter Samsat DKI Jakarta official website.

5 year tax amount for Toyota Fortuner

Fortuner Gen-2 car tax check

Fortuner Gen-2 figure

You should know that the amount of vehicle tax also varies from one year to five years. Especially for the 5-year Fortuner car tax, the rate is more expensive. There is an additional replacement license plate and a new STNK. The following is the formula: annual fee (PKB + SWDKLLJ + administrative fee) + TNKB administrative fee + STNK issuing fee + STNK validation fee.

As for the annual tax for Toyota Fortuner Gen-2 with 2.4G 4X2 AT specification in 2015, it is IDR 6,297 million. This is the result of the sum of PKB + SWDKLLJ + administrative costs. Then add the administration fee of IDR 100,000 for the TNKB, IDR 50,000 for validating the STNK and IDR 200,000 for issuing the STNK. So the total for Fortuner car tax 2015 for every 5 years is IDR 6.647 million. Even though it’s more expensive, don’t worry because this tax is paid every five years or when you change your vehicle’s license plate.

How to check and pay Fortuner taxes online

how to pay fortuner car tax online - signal application

The Signal application can be used to check Fortuner car taxes and pay

Here’s how to manually calculate the Fortuner car tax. If you’re having trouble, there’s actually an easy way online. If you want to pay vehicle tax, it turns out that you no longer have to calculate it yourself. Now there is an automatic calculation, through the application National Digital Samsat (SIGNAL) by police.

You can immediately check the car tax using the SIGNAL application, like this:

  1. Download the SIGNAL-SAMSAT Digital National application on Play Store or App Store
  2. Access the application and select the registration menu
  3. Enter the vehicle registration number and click “Continue”
  4. You will be directed to the tax invoice detail page with vehicle identification

At this point, you will know the Toyota Forunter vehicle tax invoice. Then, if you wish to pay, continue the process:

  1. Press “Continue” and “Continue payment process”
  2. Copy the payment code and make payments in different mediums that support the online payment of motor vehicle taxes.
  3. Check the payment status to know if the payment process has been completed
  4. Upon completion, you will receive a valid proof of payment

There are currently several payment methods that support the payment of motor vehicle taxes from SIGNAL. These include through Bank BRI, BNI, BTN, BCA, Danamon and Bank DKI, by wire transfer. Easy isn’t it? This taxpayer proof will then be sent via a new STNK mailed to your address.

This is a review on how to check your Fortuner car tax and pay it at the same time. Stay tuned to update the latest automotive news.


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