How to take care of motorcycle batteries so they don’t get soaked quickly

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How to take care of a motorcycle battery that is good and right so that it lasts and does not burn out quickly like the Yamaha of South Sumatra and Bengkulu.

Motorcycle batteries play an important role in generating electrical current to activate electrical components such as starter motors, lights, horns, speedometers, and other electrical features. When looking at its vital function, motorcycle users need to pay close attention to the condition of the battery so that the motorcycle can perform optimally in supporting daily mobility.

”Given the importance of the function of the battery on a motorcycle, we would like to share some maintenance guidelines so that it lasts and can be used optimally. This really helps motorcycle users optimize their riding activities,” said Muslian, After Sales Manager for Yamaha Main Dealer PT Thamrin Brothers (South Sumatra and Bengkulu).

Take care of durable engine batteries

Here’s how to take care of a motorcycle battery:

There are 2 types of motorcycle batteries namely the wet and dry types of batteries. The one often found on automatic motorcycles uses dry cell batteries. If the user uses a wet type battery, it is mandatory to check the amount of water in the battery, if it is missing, it must be added to the maximum limit line. The battery voltage should be checked both dry and wet, if it is below 12.4 volts, the battery should be charged. The battery terminals also need to be cleaned of dirt or scale.

  • Do not overuse electrically powered engine accessories

Currently, consumers like to use motorcycle accessories, but if they use electricity-related accessories in large quantities, it can affect battery performance. It is advisable to minimize the accessories that can overload the motorcycle battery.

  • Do not force use of an electric starter

If the engine starts hard, do not force the use of an electric starter as it will weaken the battery. It is advisable to first check the condition of the motorcycle or to go to the nearest official workshop for further checks.

  • Make sure the motorcycle ignition is off when the motorcycle engine is off

When the motorcycle engine is off, make sure the motorcycle ignition is off. Because if the ignition is in the ON position, it will require charging the battery.

  • Warm up the engine every day

For the battery to last longer, motorcycle users should warm up the motorcycle for 10-15 minutes every day even if the motorcycle is not in use.

  • Using the default engine battery

If the condition of the battery needs to be replaced, replace the battery according to the engine default setting or according to the capacity required by the engine.

Basically, the use of batteries Continues it will run out of battery age and ask to be replaced with a dry battery.

If your battery is draining quickly, try to check if there is a current leak, check this using a multitester.


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