How to use a Fazzio 125 keyless key, very easy!

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How to use the Yamaha Fazzio 125 Hybrid Connected Keyless key, how to start the bike, turn it off, open the trunk and lock the handlebar.

Yamaha Fazzio already uses keyless models like the NMax and Aerox.

Sure, keyless locks like this one have proven to be very secure because thieves can’t possibly get in, because even if the knob is forced open, this bike still won’t start.

Using a keyless is very practical because to start the bike, turn it off, lock the handlebar and open the trunk, just turn a knob lever.

Its operation is very simple, just putting the remote control in your pocket and the knob can be operated to start the bike.

How to use the Fazzio 125 keyless lock

basicallyTo activate/deactivate the remote control, just press for a few seconds until the light on the remote control flashes red, then if it is active, the remote control that is brought close to the engine can open the knob so that it can be operated.

If the remote is on, the knob can be turned/operated, if the remote is off, the knob can’t be turned.

To start using this keyless entry, make sure the remote is carried/in a pocket near the motorcycle, see how to use it below.

Start the engine

Put the remote in your pocket or bring it close to the bike and make sure the remote is active (base) then the knob can be rotated. Press the knob once, then turn it from the off right position to the on position.

Turn off the engine

From the on position, turn the knob to the left towards the off position.

Baggage opening

From the off position, press the knob, then turn it to the left to the push position.

Handlebar lock

Turn the locked handlebars left or right first. Press the knob, then quickly turn it to the left to the lock position, otherwise the fast will stop in the push position.

System response function

Yamaha Fazzio is also equipped with Answer Back function, if the button on the remote is pressed once quickly it will work to call this bike.

Answer Back function to facilitate the search for the position of the motorcycle, this function will be very useful if the motorcycle is parked with many other motorcycles.

When the button on the remote is pressed, the motor beeps 2 times and also turns on the hazard for a few seconds, so it’s easy to find.

Questions and answers on the Fazzio keyless lock

Yamaha Fazzio 125 keyless key

Is this keyless system more secure than a regular key?

  • Yes of course it’s safer from thieves because if the knob is broken/damaged even if the motor can’t be operated.

If the remote control is not near the motorcycle, is it possible to operate the handle?

  • You can’t, for safety reasons the signal range of the knob and remote control is limited.

Can the knob work if the remote is not turned off and left like that?

  • You can’t, the knob still won’t work if the remote is taken off even without first being deactivated, so it’s still safe. Therefore, get into the habit of carrying the remote in your pocket, not putting it in the engine drawer. The goal, so that if you forget, the engine cannot be operated.

What happens when the remote control battery runs out?

  • The engine cannot be used. There will be a low battery indication on the remote control on the speedometer, the lock logo will flash, be sure to replace the battery immediately after there is a low battery indication before the battery runs out.


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