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The 2023 Hyundai Stargazer Facelift is set for launch on Wednesday (5/10). We obtained this information based on an invitation from PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia (HMI) to the Moladin editorial team.

The invitation with the theme “Media First Preview Stargazer Active Product Enchacment” states that the event will be held at Hyundai Driving Experience in SCBD area, Jakarta at 1.30pm WIB. About the change, it was not mentioned. Even so, the H-tilt maker is sure to deliver better improvements in this latest Stargazer than the older model.

One more thing you need to know, this facelifted version of Stargazer might only apply to the Active variant. At least that’s the information we got from the official invitation.

For the uninitiated, Stargazer Active is the cheapest variant with prices starting at IDR 247.2 million (OTR Jakarta) for the MT variant. Meanwhile, especially for the Active iVT variant or Rp automatic transmission. 260 million (OTR Jakarta).

Thus, the changes to the Stargazer facelift 2023 for the Active variant are not only cosmetic on the outside and inside. Features can be added, in order to make this MPV more competitive against competitors such as Toyota Avanza E and Mitsubishi XPANDER GLS.

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Hyundai Stargazer Active forecast changed 2023

Hyundai Stargazer restyling 2023

The older Stargazer Active model still uses an air circulator, not a dual fan

As is known, Hyundai Stargazer Active is the lowest trim level or variant among the other variants (Trend, Style and Prime). Because it’s cheap, the specs aren’t too special either. Take an example on the outside, still using 15 inch tin wheels.

So our prediction, these wheels will turn into an alloy model. At least that’s what Hyundai needs to do if it wants its cars to compete Advance E and Xpander GLS. Because competitors use light-alloy wheels right from the lowest variant.

Then inside, there’s a head unit that uses an 8-inch touch screen with Bluetooth and smartphone connectivity. The sound system is supported by four speakers.

On the instrument cluster it is still analog type with 3.5 inch monochrome MID. The steering wheel also looks the same although this type lacks the cruise control button.

In addition, there is a Bluetooth hands-free system for mobile phones with voice recognition, there are also multifunction buttons on the steering wheel for audio adjustment and Bluetooth. For safety and security systems, there are features of the anti-lock braking system (ABS), two airbags and an immobilizer.

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The disadvantage of the older model Hyundai Stargazer Active is that it does not use a double fan. Consequently, the coolness of second and third row passengers must be a victim, because the H manufacturer tends to provide only an air circulator. This is obviously different from the Trend, Style and Prime variants of the Hyundai Stargazer, which already use dual blowers.

Even so, the presence of a rear air circulator has positive aspects, i.e. it is not too burdensome for the engine, so much so that its fuel consumption is declared to be more efficient. It’s just that in terms of passenger comfort, of course, it is a minus. Therefore, our prediction is that it is not impossible for the 2023 Hyundai Stargazer Facelift active variant to incorporate a double fan.

Dimensionally, the Hyundai Stargazer Active is the same as the variant above. That is to say, it has a length of 4,460 mm, a width of 1,780 mm and a height of 1,690 mm. In addition, the wheelbase is 2,780mm and ground clearance is 185mm.

Not only are the dimensions the same, the kitchen spur is also the same as the other variations. That is to say a machine with a displacement of 1,500 cc with a power of 115 HP and 144 Nm of torque. This power is channeled through a choice of 6-speed manual transmission and iVT automatic transmission.

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Moladiners, this is the review of the launch Hyundai Stargazer The 2023 restyling which will take place on May 10, together with the forecast for the changes. Stay tuned for other interesting automotive information.


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