In collaboration with singer Isyana Saraswati, Wuling releases a video about Alvez

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Highlighting the Alvez lifestyle as a compact compact SUV for young, modern and demanding consumers

Jakarta, – Not long ago, Wuling Motors (Wuling) teamed up with Indonesian singer and writer Isyana Sarasvati to launch a product video for their newest compact SUV, Alvez. This creative collaboration entitled “Freedom to Drive” represents Wuling Alvez’s “Style and Innovation in One SUV”, ready to accompany consumers’ travel and lifestyles with elegant appearance and modern innovation. This progressive rock music video is officially released on Wuling MotorsID Youtube channel.

“Through this creative collaboration, we hope to reach even more audiences by showcasing Alvez’s excellence in compelling video products with Isyana,” explained Dian Asmahani as Brand & Marketing Director of Wuling Motors.

This 3-minute video product features Isyana as the main protagonist, singing the song “Freedom to Drive” while driving Alvez

This 3-minute video product showcases the various benefits of the Alvez, from its stylish exterior, modern interior, to innovative driving characteristics. In this video, Isyana is the main star, she sings the song “Freedom to Drive” while driving Alvez along various road conditions in urban areas with her friends.

As the video begins, Isyana is seen working and about to leave. It accesses the Wuling Remote Control app which is connected to Alvez via the MyWuling+ app to remotely heat the engine and air conditioning. When she enters the cabin of this Wuling compact SUV, Isyana uses the Wuling Indonesian Command (WIND) function that works to operate the Indonesian driving function, just like she Isyana sends messages with voice commands.

Going into the interior, Wuling Alvez applies a 7-inch color TFT display and digital climate control with PM2.5 air filter. Then, seats in synthetic leather and soft touch panels that support comfort while driving. Moving on to entertainment features, the 10.25-inch Internet-connected head unit is supported by features like online music and online browsing, so Isyana can listen to her favorite songs while following navigation directions towards its destination.

Alvez has an engine with a displacement of 1,500cc with continuously variable transmission (CVT) and a new design on the shift lever so that Isyana and her friends can drive freely through various road conditions without hesitation. Smart Innovation ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) is also integrated as one of the driving safety features which includes Adaptive Cruise, Lane Recognition and Safe Distance & Braking Assistance. Alvez is also able to accommodate a lot of luggage thanks to the large trunk capacity.

“This collaboration is a pleasant experience. In addition, after seeing and experiencing Wuling Alvez directly, I can experience the “Freedom to Drive” and meet all my needs on a trip. Apart from that, the design and innovation inspired me during the process of making this song,” said Isyana Sarasvati.

To watch the Wuling Alvez product video “Freedom to Drive” with Isyana Sarasvati, please visit the YouTube channel below:


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