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Optimus Prime’s truck often breaks down while filming the latest Transformers. This unique fact was conveyed directly by Transformers Rise of the Beast director Steven Caple Jr.

For information, the truck used in the latest Transformers movie is the Freightliner model, manufactured by Daimler AG. The truck is a 1987 production. The director said that extra work was needed to make the Optimus Prime truck perfect while filming in Cusco, Peru.

“Because this truck often breaks down in the process shot, well, it’s too old. The crashes are so frequent that they’re circulating on social media that Optimus Prime is finished,” said Steven Caple Jr, citing the Motor Trends page dated June 14, 2023.

Even so, the February 16, 1988 born director admitted he was proud because he was able to bring the Transformers form to the eras of previous releases. As it is known, Movie Transformers rise of the beast takes place in the 90s era, 1994 to be exact.

Therefore, like it or not, the film has to use all the properties that existed in its era, including the cars used by the Autobots. This condition forced the director to collect a lot retro car be a replica in the film. As good as backups if the car is destroyed, or to keep the original rare car intact without the risk of damage.

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Transformers directors have to use a lot of retro cars

It turns out that Optimus Prime's truck breaks down often

Freightliner trucks manufactured around 1987

Besides the fact that Optimus Prime’s truck breaks down often, another interesting thing is the use of more than one car in the latest Transformers movie, which actually applies to many characters. For example, the yellow Chevrolet Camaro Bumble Bee, which was produced in 1977. So did the 1967 Volkswagen Combi, the 1992 Porsche 911 Carrera and the 1993 Nissan Skyline R33.

Especially up Porsche 911Carrera 1992, which turned out to be a very rare car because there are only 55 of them in the world. The director admitted that Porsche provided a real car for the purposes of the film.

Eventually, to outwit the original car, the film company had to rent several Porsche cars and then make them look like the car used by the Mirage Robot.

At Motor Trends, Steven Caple Jr. said this method was an attempt to keep the original old car in top condition. “Finally we have six Porsche 911s for this car. We bought two and rented the rest,” said Steven Caple Jr. Not just Porsche, this goes for other autobot cars as well.

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On the Nissan Skyline R33, it’s even more complicated. Because this Japanese car model is very rare in the USA. Steven Caple Jr said he only has two cars. Until finally modified to look like this.

“We bought two and already have examples. So we ended up building the car ourselves,” he explained. The purpose of copying multiple cars is that in addition to protecting the original car, it’s just in case the used car has problems.

This is the review of Optimus Prime’s truck that often breaks down and other unique facts in the Transformers movie. Stay tuned to update the latest automotive news.


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