Lunar New Year, Metro Polda prepares 4,550 people to break up the crowd…

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Chinese New Year holiday, Polda subway notifies 4,550 people to manage crowds and congestion

The 2023 Chinese New Year falls tomorrow, Sunday, January 22, 2023. The 2574 Kongzili Chinese New Year Festival begins. Anticipating the crowds for the Chinese New Year holiday, Polda Metro has prepared up to 4,550 joint staff members.

Polda Metro Jaya prepared a total of 4,550 joint staff members to maintain security and regulate traffic ahead of the 2023 Chinese New Year holiday. Kombes Pol Trunoyudo Wahyu Andiko explained that the 4,550 staff consisted of 1,403 personnel of Polda Metro Jaya and 1,513 others of various Polres in the working area.

Kabid Humas Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Pol Trunoyudo Wahyu Andiko
Police Commissioner Trunoyudo Wahyu Andiko

In addition to Polri personnel, places of worship and Chinese New Year 2023 festivities are also set to be manned by 343 TNI members and 1,291 local regional government officials. Kombes Pol Trunoyudo Wahyu Andiko said that the National Police focused on surveillance of 255 monasteries in Polda Metro Jaya working area with the ranks of Polda Metro Jaya Police.

“Our team hopes that this year’s Chinese New Year can be held safely and comfortably for the residents to celebrate it,” Trunoyudo said via NTMC Polda Metro Jaya official website on Saturday (21/1/2023) .

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Traffic engineering in points subject to congestion

In terms of traffic management, the team also trained personnel at congestion-prone spots in and around Jakarta during the 2023 Chinese New Year holiday. “We will train members to perform traffic engineering at different congestion-prone spots “, said Kombes. Pol Latif Usman.

Traffic engineering solves traffic jams during the 2023 Chinese New Year holiday
Traffic engineering solves traffic jams during the 2023 Chinese New Year holiday

Latif explained that traffic engineering will be implemented according to the needs of each region. Not only at congestion-prone spots, the Traffic Directorate has also prepared patrol teams to resolve congestion on and around toll roads, arterial roads.

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Resist the toll booth

Latif said the police will organize officers on toll roads. As with the potential at points of congestion, Latif continued, they could also be found on Cikampek toll roads, Jagorawi Toll Road and Merak Toll Road, as well as arterial roads.

police alert
Alert the police squad to regulate the traffic

In addition, access to tourist objects in Jakarta is also a concern for officials to ensure smooth traffic flow. Polantas personnel were also alerted in several tourist spots in and around Jakarta. Such as in Ancol Dreamland area, Indonesia’s beautiful miniature park, Ragunan Zoo, Old Town, Monas area and its surroundings.

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