Mercedes 1974 World Cup bus, there is a cigarette ashtray in each seat

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Mercedes 1974 World Cup bus, there is an ashtray in each seat

The Mercedes-Benz Museum exhibits a collection of O 302 buses specially modified for the 1974 World Cup participants with the addition of air conditioning and a cigarette ashtray in each seat.

world Cup it is still a major event as well as a promotional event for automotive companies due to the high exposure. For example, Mercedes-Benz used this big event to popularize one of their buses at the 1974 World Cup which took place in West Germany.

Special modified

At the time, only 16 national teams participated in the football tournament, instead of the current 32 teams. Mercedes-Benz is one of the bus suppliers for each team. They painted the Mercedes-Benz O 302 bus, used a bright yellow and combined it with each country’s flags on the top and the ’74 World Cup mascot, Tip and Tap on the rear window.

Mercedes-Benz O 302 bus specially for the 1974 World Cup
Quirky design with West German colors

Inside, Mercedes also offers several features that may not be present on today’s buses. Each bench has its own cigarette ashtray. In addition to a beer tap in the back, amenities include a Blaupunkt stereo system with cassette deck and air conditioning to keep players comfortable while traveling.

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Cigarette ashtray on the Mercedes-Benz O 302 bus specially for the 1974 World Cup
There is a cigarette ashtray which can be found in each chair

The upholstery color scheme uses red and orange fabric upholstery, synonymous with 1970s German shades. The headrest gets a white cover. Mercedes has revealed that every German international player receives a pre-assigned seating arrangement.

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On display at the Mercedes-Benz Museum

Mercedes introduced the O 302 bus in early 1965 with over 32,000 buses produced. Two powertrains were introduced, i.e. a 4-cylinder diesel engine with a maximum power output of 125hp and a 6-cylinder diesel engine capable of producing a maximum power output of 236hp.

Special Mercedes-Benz bus for the 1974 World Cup
Mercedes-Benz O 302 can be seen at the Mercedes-Benz Museum

To commemorate the 2022 World Cup which will take place in Qatar from November 20, the Mercedes-Benz Museum exhibits the Mercedes-Benz O 302 bus that was used at the national departure 48 years ago.

It’s just that the bus displayed in the museum is not an original specimen. The reason is that after the end of the tournament, the used buses were repainted again, leaving all the used attributes and reverting to being normal passenger buses.

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