Michael Schumacher’s racing car was sold for up to 235 billion IDR, breaking a world record!

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The Ferrari F2003-GA racing car that Michael Schumacher used to race in this race also took him to one of the world titles won during his career.

Autos.id – As we have previously reported, one of Michael Schumacher’s racing cars, the Ferrari F2003-GA, has been auctioned by one of Southeby’s auction companies. The car that propelled Michael Scumacher to F1 world champion in the 2023 season has sold for up to 14.63 million Swiss francs or the equivalent of Rp 235 billion.

This auction also broke the price of the most expensive F1 car auction ever for a modern F1 car auction.

Michael Schumacher's racing car sold up to IDR 235 billion, breaking a world record

Highest F1 car auction record

As Motor1 reported on Friday (11/11/2022), Auctioneer Southeby’s said the race car, which has the full chassis name of F2003-GA 229, is priced 2 times higher than their previous car . Prior to auctioning the F1 Ferrari F2003-GA, Southeby’s had also auctioned off another Michael Schumacher car, the F2001.

The racing car used by Schumacher in the 2001 season also led to him winning the F1 world title that year. In 2017, Southeby’s also auctioned the car in New York, USA and sold for up to US$7.5 million. Or when rounded to the rupee to Rp. 116 billion.

Michael Schumacher's racing car sold for up to IDR 235 billion, breaking world records

As reported by AFP, Southeby’s claimed they did not disclose who won the auction of the Ferrari F1 F2003-GA they were auctioning this time. But they said the winner of this car auction was from the European continent. Southeby’s claims the F2003-GA car is also one of Michael Schumacher’s historic cars in his racing career.

During use in the 2003 season, the Ferrari F2003-GA used by Michael Schumacher won 5 races, namely in the Grands Prix of Spain, Austria, Canada, Italy and the United States. And it was this car that also resulted in the racing legend from Germany winning the sixth of the seven world titles won in his career.


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