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Below, we will inform you about the Mitsubishi promotions at IIMS 2023. There are several attractive promotions, including 0% interest and free insurance for 2 years.

Yes, during the 2023 Indonesia International Motor Show, PT Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Sales Indonesia (MMKSI) offered several interesting programs or promotions for the visitors. Where the promotion is not only valid for passenger car types, but also for commercial cars.

“At IIMS 2023, we MMKSI will continue to provide the best experience for consumers to own Mitsubishi vehicles. We have prepared an Xpander car sales program and Xpander Cross we continue to provide the best offers related to consumers’ needs in terms of service needs for credit operations. There is 0% interest for 2 years,” explained Budi Daulay as Head of Sales and Marketing Group Division of PT MMKSI (17/2/2023).

In line with the Mitsubishi promotion at IIMS 2023, MMKSI also offers an after-sales program which is definitely beneficial for consumers to purchase Mitsubishi products at IIMS 2023.

“As a reminder, this is our commitment to sell and maintain the vehicles we sell, provide the best products and the best after-sales service. We always want to provide the best after-sales service to Mitsubishi customers,” explained Adam Rahman in quality by Deputy Group Head After Sales Strategy of PT MMKSI.

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Xpander and Pajero Sport have special promotions!

Mitsubishi promotions at IIMS 2023

Mitsubishi booth at IIMS 2023. Photo: Special

Yes, as already informed by the management of Mitsubishi Indonesia that during IIMS 2023 there will be several attractive promotions for the visitors and consumers who will purchase Mitsubishi products. The promotional program is as follows:

Promo Mitsubishi Xpander and Xpander Cross

  • 0% interest for a 2 year credit period
  • 10 percent deposit
  • DP 20 million IDR
  • Installments start from IDR 5 million
  • Loan term up to 7 years

“Of course, we are also preparing several cashback programs at IIMS 2023, so that consumers can enjoy a special cashback at IIMS, and don’t forget that we will continue to provide the smart package program to consumers. Free insurance for up to two years. Different programs Expander and Xpander Cross, we supply a full range of consumers, all they have to do is choose what they want,” added Daulay.

Promo Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

  • 15 percent deposit
  • DP 100 million IDR
  • Light installments

Commercial car promo (Triton and L300)

  • Free MT tires (Triton HDX)
  • 0 percent interest
  • DP light

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“We provide the smart package program for free, so Mitsubishi consumers do not have to worry about transacting at IIMS 2023. Not only passenger cars, but also for light commercials such as Triton. Here we provide attractive offers, there is 0 percent interest and a slight down payment, for Triton HDX type, such as the currently running program, we provide free MT tires. For the L300, we are confident that in IIMS 2023 we will prepare a cashback program with 0% interest and a low down payment,” Adm Rahman explained.

Moladiners, this is a review of the Mitsubishi promo on IIMS 2023. Stay tuned for other interesting automotive information.


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