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JAKARTA – The all-new Honda Scoopy now uses a new chassis and is equipped with modern features.

Following in the footsteps of previous products, Honda buried the eSAF frame (enhanced Smart Architecture Frame) on the latest Scoopy. This new chassis makes maneuvering the vehicle more agile and fun to drive.

This product, marketed since 2010, captivates with its classic look. Comes with a unique appearance, the built-in features keep pace with the times. As a result, this bike has received a positive response from the community.


On a test ride at the Astra Honda Motor Safety Riding and Training Center (AHMSRTC), we ( tested this unique scooter handling. Fifth Generation Scoopy mounts a 110 cc engine that is too small for our weight. So that engine performance issues are not a serious focus in testing.

Honda Scoopy 2021 price

This motorcycle with a long diameter of 1,864mm, a width of 683mm and a height of 1,075mm actually fits the posture of consumers in Indonesia in general. Furthermore, the height of the seat from the ground is only 746 mm so that I, who am 167 cm tall, can place my feet perfectly.

The combination of a 12-inch tire diameter and a width of 100/90 front and 110/90 rear, and a wheelbase of 1,251 mm, is able to support my body perfectly during maneuvers. This short track full of twists and turns belongs to Honda, which I easily conquered.

Maneuvering into every corner with this bike is quite safe as well as having wide tyres. In addition, the telescopic front suspension and swingarm are also single shock absorbers, increasing the feeling of safety. The bike remains stable when required to make sharp turns that are often encountered in real road conditions.

There were almost no dizzy symptoms that I experienced during the test. The brake system of the Combi Brake model also supports maneuvering so that it can stay on track.


Not only testing the bike with its maneuvers, I also tested the acceleration of the bike on a straight line. While not too long and hampered by more weight, this bike is more than enough to meet expectations.

Honda Scoopy 2021

110 cc 4-stroke SOHC air-cooled engine, equipped with eSP (enhanced Smart Power) technology. The power generated by the engine is then routed through an automatic CVT gearbox. New Honda Scoopy on paper it is capable of delivering a maximum power of 8.8 hp at 7,500 rpm. While maximum torque reaches 9.3 Nm at 5,500 rpm.

Basically, the resource of this vehicle is similar to Beat and Genio. It’s just that there are some differences from the character sector. This fifth generation Scoopy engine has also been equipped with the ACG starting function so that the starting process is smoother.

This motorcycle is also equipped with the Idling Stop System (ISS) function which can automatically shut off the engine when stopped for more than 3 seconds. This feature is said to be able to save fuel consumption.


Packed with a variety of new features that make driving more enjoyable, it’s only natural that the latest generation Honda Scoopy has a sales target of 60 to 70 thousand units per month. The population itself will soon flood the country’s streets, especially with the refreshment of unity.

Specifications of the all new Honda Scoopy

The all-new Honda Scoopy comes with a host of exciting latest technologies. A cooler look adds to the uniqueness of this vehicle. As a 110cc class scooter, it has many features, especially when compared to competitors in its class.

Fifth Generation Scoopy marketed at IDR 20.75 million for the most expensive version with Smart Key main function. Meanwhile, the Sporty and Fashion variants are being offered to consumers at the price of IDR 19.95 million. [Dew/Idr]



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