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JAKARTA – Engine oil that has a black color is often thought to be damaged and needs to be replaced, but it turns out that opinion isn’t entirely true.

Lubricants or engine oil in vehicles, especially motorcycles, play an important role. In addition to lubrication, it is hoped that oil can provide a smoother sound in modern vehicles.

Engine oil is recommended by the engine manufacturer to be run every two thousand kilometers or one month of use (whichever comes first). Along with the growing population of vehicles impacting highway density, oil also needs to be allowed to have greater capacities.

With more congested road conditions, the oil should have a better life. Not only does it reduce the heat in the combustion chamber, it must also be able to provide protection for a longer time.

The understanding of oil in today’s society is oil that has turned black, meaning it is damaged or can no longer be used. So that consumers need to replace the oil when its shape is different from the time of purchase, especially the color.

“There are actually three conditions that can damage oil such as distance, heat and water. Apart from these three factors, the oil can still function properly. The already black oil cannot be said to be unsuitable for use, because it requires laboratory tests. Some of them are already black, but after checking the lab, they are still working properly,” said Bagus Ardian, Planet Ban Merchandising Big Engine Motorcycle Manager, during a virtual press conference (27/04).

So how to find out if the oil is still fit for use or not. Because through the display it is said that it is not very accurate in assessing the life of the lubricant.

“To test the oil that needs to be replaced or that cannot use two fingers, i.e. the thumb and forefinger. But this must be done by people who already have high flight hours. Through these two fingers it will be seen whether the oil may or may not still be used,” he later explained.

From this it can be concluded that the use of oil still relying on the manufacturer’s product, it is better to follow the recommendations of the manual. However, if you have replaced it with another brand, refer to the oil manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance.

X-Ten oil

Planet Ban through its development division introduces X-Ten for two-wheeled vehicles or motorcycles. X-Ten oil is claimed to be the world’s first lubricant product using double ester technology.

X-Ten oil

FYI, the ester itself is a chemical liquid made to look like oil. It is claimed that the chemical content of the esters is not too complex, so it blends more quickly with engine components.

X-Ten oil itself is said to be able to travel further, reaching 6,000 kilometers. The lube made by the nation’s children is said to have passed a series of tests.

This lubricant was developed in addition to having a longer mileage, it also has a more stable oxidizing power. With all these benefits, X-Ten oil makes use more efficient.

“The SNI standard oil has an evaporation rate of 15 percent after 3,000 km of use. Our product has an evaporation of up to 7 percent, so it’s better than the established standard,” Bagus said at the time.


When given the opportunity to try X-Ten oil, the Yamaha Nmax produced in 2016 has better acceleration. The engine sound is drier and each lap remains full of power.

X-Ten Double Ester

In the meantime, before carrying out the test, Planet Ban carried out a flushing technique with the previous oil. So that X-Ten oil can really feel its performance.

X-Ten 10W-40 oil for Yamaha Nmax (900ml) is marketed at IDR 125k in all Planet Tire outlets. Currently, Planet Ban outlets are spread over more than 400 outlets in various regions of the country. [Dew]



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