Pamulang’s one-way system starts in early 2023

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Pamulang's one-way system will be implemented starting in early 2023
Pamulang’s one-way system will be implemented starting in early 2023

ROCKMOTIVE, Jakarta – Pamulang and Serpong, South Tangerang City (Tangsel) one-way system implementation will soon be carried out in early 2023.

Meanwhile, the system was only tested in the Serpong area from 20 to 24 December 2022. While in the Pondok Cabe, Pamulang area, it is expected to follow soon in early 2023.

For Serpong area, this round will run from Simpang Tiga Buaran – Simpang Empat Viktor – Simpang Empat Muncul to Simpang Tekno Roundabout. There are 2 options that run, each running for 2 days from December 20 to December 24, 2022.

In the first option, integer vehicle from BSD direction towards Simpang Empat Viktor made a way through Jalan Buaran. So the flow of vehicles to Simpang Empat Emergency from Simpang Empat Viktor direction has also been made one-way. Thereafter, vehicles heading to Tekno Roundabout Intersection from Simpang Empat Muncul direction are one-way through Jalan Raya Serpong.

So in the second option, the One Way implementation is relatively the same as where the stream comes from BSD extension made a way to Simpang Empat Viktor via Jalan Raya Buaran. Similarly, the speed of Simpang Empat-looking vehicles is one-way towards the Tekno roundabout intersection. The difference is only on Jalan Raya Puspiptek where vehicles from Simpang Empat Viktor to Simpang Empat Muncul stay open for 2 directions.

“We have implemented both options, maybe later they will be implemented after Pam (Security) Nataru. So yesterday we agreed with different elements of the OPD, subdistrict, Polres and others. We already have some of the results, a comparison of the previous 2 options. Hopefully, there will be information about its implementation early this year,” said Tangsel City Transportation Service Typhoon Traffic Division Chief (Kabid Traffic) on Saturday (12/31/22).

He continued, trials for the implementation of One Way Pamulang system will soon be done in South City, Pondok Cabe area. However, this effort will be carried out in stages through a joint study of traffic forum after implementation in Simpang Empat Viktor area, Serpong.

“Yesterday it was suggested, SouthCity in Pondok Cabe, we want to try it too. Later we will also do an inspection, we will monitor by drone which volume is dense, which is decisive, where it is diverted. We are still planning, indeed after this (Serpong) will be finished we will concentrate there,” he added.

As you know, it is difficult to avoid traffic jams on different streets in Tangsel City in the morning and evening. Queues for vehicles have even gotten long enough to be uploaded virally on social media. Various efforts have been made, including the implementation of One Way.


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