Passionate about Trabasan, this WR 155 R user has a new experience as a Yamaha bLU cRU rider

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WR 155 R users are increasingly active in events highlighting the implementation of Indonesia’s bLU cRU. How to regularly take part in the bLU cRU Offroad educational training and recently 10 WR 155 R consumers participated in the Indonesian National Enduro Rally Championship (IERC) 2022.

Bogie Apriyanto is a WR 155 R rider who is actively involved in various off-road activities organized by Yamaha and has the opportunity to experience various challenging characters on the track at this year’s IERC event. Recorded as the first WR 155 R customer in the Jogja area, Bogie is even more proud to now be a BLU cRU Rider who is part of the Indonesian bLU cRU facility. He is more and more enthusiastic about carrying on the trabasan hobby by providing adequate knowledge of the riding technique of the WR 155 R so that it supports him to feel more and more the superiority of Yamaha’s adventure bike.

“Naturally, as a trabasan hobbyist, I immediately chose the WR 155 R shortly after its launch at the end of 2019. And this year, being able to be part of BLU cRU Indonesia is a new thing for me and gives me special pride. , especially being a BLUE cRU Rider. In my opinion this is an opportunity to approach Yamaha and have new experiences, especially in the off-road world,” said Bogie Apriyanto.

He said he diligently took part in Yamaha Riding Academy (YRA) off-road training, both held in Central Java and Jogja. With his education, Bogie loves his trabasan hobby even more. “The quality of the WR 155 R helps a lot when I ride it. The front and rear suspension is comfortable, not stuck. The handling of this bike is also very good. The power is also strong with a 155cc engine equipped with technology VVA (Variable Valve Actuation). Besides that, it also has a cool look with the style of the YZ series,” said Bogie Apriyanto.

Testing various characteristics of off-road trails with the WR 155 R, he often does adventures around Central Java and Jogja. The Merapi area, full of rocky paths, slopes, dry rivers and savannah, is his favorite route. Bogie is also active in physical training through his short-lived hobby in the Merapi area with his friends in the community.

WR 155 R

As a dual-purpose motorcycle designed to support consumer mobility in various road conditions, the WR 155 R comes with several advantages, especially in terms of engine performance, suspension and also a robust frame. In the kitchen track sector, this motorcycle is backed by a liquid-cooled 155cc engine featuring Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) technology that is capable of evenly distributing torque at each engine speed. The machine is capable of producing a maximum power of 12.3 kW/10,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 14.3 Nm/6,500 rpm. On the legs, on the other hand, this motorcycle applies a Telescopic-type suspension with a length (899.1mm) and a large diameter (41mm) at the front, in order to provide a more comfortable riding feeling when riding on bumpy roads and rocky. At the rear, this bike is supported by a Linked Type Mono-cross suspension which can be adjusted according to the rider’s needs. To support the bike’s durability, the WR 155 R also uses a strong and durable semi-double cradle frame.


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