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JAKARTA – The Nissan Serena can be said to be a premium MPV that has received positive response from the public

This is because the Nissan Serena has been endowed with various attention-grabbing advantages. And here are some of the advantages of the Nissan Serena that can attract attention.

Smart driving mode

Nissan Serena brings a continuously variable transmission (CVT) which has a new function, namely Adaptive Shift Control (ASC). This system will read the driver’s style. When you as the driver are driving aggressively, the transmission control unit (TCU) will read this force and give input to the engine so it becomes more responsive.

In addition, this car also has eco, normal and sport driving modes. This feature plays a role in making the car agile when driving out of town and can save fuel when in town.

Square design and wide visibility

Not just in the chair, comfort Nissan Serena it also lies in its boxy design that makes your view feel expansive because the window is quite large. This is also inseparable from the design of the Nissan Serena’s each door abutment, which is made as low as possible so that the passengers’ view becomes clearer. The window in the back row of seats is also large so passengers don’t feel as claustrophobic as if they were claustrophobic.

Sophisticated features

Nissan Serena is supported by interesting features. One of them is a foot switch that can be used to open a sliding door. Tailgate accessibility has also become more practical because passengers can open the tailgate without touching it. Just swing your foot under the middle door and the door will open automatically.

Security features

Nissan Serena is equipped with excellent safety protection features. This car is equipped with 6-point airbags, that is, four in the first row of seats and the rest surround both sides of the wing mirror. Other protective features in this car are traction control (TCS), hill start assist (HAS), electronic brake force distribution (EBD), brake assist (BA), dynamic vehicle (VDC) and the anti-lock braking system (ABS). .

Besides that, there are still features that can provide information to the driver to rest by displaying the coffee symbol on the instrument cluster. This feature is called intelligent driver alert (I-DA).



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