Suzuki Invicto for sale with prices starting at IDR 453 million

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Suzuki Invicto has officially led the way, prices start at IDR 453 million
Suzuki Invicto has officially led the way, prices start at IDR 453 million

ROCKMOTIVE, Jakarta – Suzuki Invicto which is a twin InnovaZenix, has long been synonymous in automotive circles. This time, finally, the model is officially marketed in India.

Speaking of looks, even the name is twin, there are some similarities in the exterior and interior. And in fact, the mechanical heart is always the same used in the Innova Zenix.

However, the difference in the Suzuki Invicto’s appearance lies in the front end. The current grille model sells more chrome accents complete with the S logo on the axle.

Meanwhile for characteristic offered, most of them are still the same as Innova Zenix. In fact, the cabin layout is similar to Toyota’s latest MPV.

Hasashi Takeuchi, Managing Director and CEO of Maruti Suzuki India, explained that the presence of Suzuki Invicto brings three main pillars which they implement.

Suzuki Invicto has officially led the way, prices start at IDR 453 million
Interior of the Innova Zenix twin marketed in India

“With the character of an SUV, our new Invicto features a combination of premium design, intelligent packaging and numerous safety innovations. With electric Intellignet Hybrid A revolutionary system, this model will continue MSIL’s vision of a cleaner, greener, more sustainable and carbon-free world,” he explained in an official statement.

As for the specifications of the mechanical heart, the Suzuki Invicto is equipped with a 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder hybrid engine with 186 HP of power and 206 Nm of maximum torque and is coupled with an e-CVT acceleration transmission smooth and responsive.

As far as features that are benefits, the company has buried them 10.1-inch SmartPlay Pro+ touch screen with Apple CarPlay Wireless and Android Auto interfaces and over 50 connected functions.

Suzuki Invicto consumers can also experience luxury thanks to the presence of a double panoramic sunroof which gives a premium impression. A number of other benefits also include automatic climate control, automatic speed regulationsteering wheel mounted controls, large multi-info display.

As for the offered price for the Suzuki Invicto, Maruti rates it with prices starting at IDR 453 million (Zeta Plus 7-seat variant), IDR 454 million (Zeta Plus 8-seat) and the highest variant IDR 519 million. (Alpha Plus 7 seats).


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