Technology e-Smart, Toyota’s affordable holiday hybrid?

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[ad_1] – The e-smart technology is said to become an affordable hybrid model from Toyota. Considering that there are so many who ask where is this technology at the core and what the technology is, even then from the few people who ask what the technology is like, it is still not known.

Indeed, the conundrum of this very engine is clear that this model will use a serial hybrid or serial hybrid engine. It is possible that there are several models that will adopt this technology.

e-smart hybrid technology

Perhaps there are some parts that are currently testing regularly to ascertain what the condition of this car will be in real time. Whereas this serial hybrid is slightly different from other models. Is it a bit similar to that of Nissan?

The e-Smart technology is based on the engine as a generator

Indeed, this technology is very commonly used. Finally, from Nissan Kicks, as an option for those who feel electric cars but still have the vibration of a petrol engine. However, this petrol engine only works as a generator.

While the electrical system will receive electricity from the petrol engine. As a result, it is more fuel efficient than the synergic hybrid model. However, it’s all new on paper, not necessarily a handle.

Meanwhile, a hybrid model like the Innova Zenix itself requires a machine with a large capacity or at least 1,800cc. Indeed, the engine of cars from developing countries falls within the 1,500 cc limit.

For this reason it is precisely the presence of this technology that makes the hybrid system itself very popular. Coincidentally, Toyota included it in the latest model and presented it to the public later.

So what are the benefits?

The advantage is clear that the technology of the Yaris Cross Hybrid will be a serious consideration, does it match the character of the Indonesian people or not? Of course, there are many advanced developments whose goal is to obtain real data from the use of the car in various conditions.

Thus, the condition of the car itself will be able to provide a number of important data for further development. The hope is that Toyota itself can provide the right solution for its hybrid system.

Furthermore, by reducing the excessively expensive production costs. With this ability, the result is an electric car product with even more affordable prices. For this reason, Toyota is aiming to introduce a hybrid in this segment with a serial hybrid system.


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