The Honda WR-V E manual offers total driver control,…

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The Honda WR-V E manual offers total driver control, responsiveness and economy

The manual Honda WR-V E is priced at IDR 10 million less than the CVT version, yet still offers driver control, responsiveness and economy as well.

Honda WR-V E Manual as of today (5/19) it is being sold by PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) to consumers. This 6-speed manual gearbox variant costs IDR 10 million cheaper than the CVT gearbox variant of the same type.

Continue to provide driving enjoyment

The manual transmission Honda WR-V E-Type offers total driver control, responsiveness and economy. And of course a more pleasant driving experience, i.e. not inferior to the CVT variant.

Honda WR-V E-Type
The WR-V is the most fun-to-drive small SUV in its class

“We are introducing this manual transmission Honda WR-V E to meet consumer demand, particularly outside of Java, who have more varied needs and natural conditions,” said Yusak Billy, Sales Marketing & Business Innovation Director at PT HPM .

Honda WR-V E
The manual WR-V was only available in E trim

The man who is familiarly called Billy also added, “By retaining the various benefits of the Honda WR-V, we believe this variant will provide consumers with more choices at greater value,” added the man who enjoys wearing stylish watches. .

About the Honda WR-V E Manual Transmission

The manual transmission Honda WR-V uses the same 6-speed transmission as its seven-seat sibling (BR-V). Good gear ratio, to the type of transmission.

The only difference is, “The weight of the vehicle, the WR-V is lighter (compared to the BR-V),” said Nattawut Sasitorn as Asst. Large Project Leader Dynamic Performance Research Honda R&D Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. (HRAP) when contacted by the team.

Honda WR-V E manual transmission
The manual gearbox makes the WR-V even more agile

Own weight differentiation, “Over 100 kilograms, (so) the WR-V feels more powerful, also more fun (fun to drive). We slightly adjusted the engine ECU (Electronic Control Unit) mapping to match the weight of the car,” Game continued, Nattawut Sasitorn’s original familiar greeting Man this Thailand.

Comparison of the teeth of the Honda WR-V type EM/T

  • Gears 1 – 3.642
  • Gears 2 – 2.080
  • Gears 3 – 1.361
  • Gears 4 – 1.021
  • Gears 5 – 0.829
  • Gears 6 – 0.686
  • Reverse – 3,750
  • Final Gears – 5.071

What intrigued me is that the manual Final Gear WR-V was 365 lighter than the Final Gear WR-V CVT. This allows the speed of the WR-V with manual gearbox to be no less smooth than the CVT variant, so that the potential for efficient and powerful performance is still achieved in this variant.

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Sales of the WR-V are doing well

The Honda WR-V, which is Honda’s first model in the Small SUV segment, had sales of 6,543 units and even became the model with the highest wholesale sales in the Small SUV class in April 2023.

No wonder, because before being introduced in Indonesia, the Honda WR-V underwent a series of consumer research and was tested in various road conditions in Indonesia. Based on the results of these studies, Honda then designed a car that would meet the needs of consumers in Indonesia.

Price for Honda WR-V E MT 2023
The manual transmission WR-V is priced at IDR 10 million less than the CVT variant

Especially in the segment of young people and young families who want a compact SUV suitable for urban and extra-urban areas, with an elegant and sporty design, powerful performance and sophisticated equipment.

The Honda WR-V E (CVT and M/T) is available in a choice of colors starting with Crystal Black Pearl, Meteoroid Gray Metallic and Taffeta White. With its many benefits, the Honda WR-V EM/T is now offered at a more affordable price for consumers i.e. IDR 269,400,000*

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*Prices shown are Jakarta OTR prices and first ownership of the car. The price shown is the OTR price for chassis number 2023



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