The last cost to make SIM A and C is only Rp. 100 thousand

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The last cost to make SIM A and C is only Rp.  100 thousand

The National Police imposes new rules regarding the costs to make and renew a SIM, who does not pass the exam can immediately repeat the test that day, and a personal psychologist test

A driving license (SIM) has a definition as proof of valid registration and identification and is issued by the National Police to someone who has met the administrative requirements, is physically and mentally healthy.

Not only that, it is believed that a person has also understood the traffic rules and is proficient in driving a motor vehicle. The SIM is also one of the requirements that must be possessed by a driver, car or motorcycle, when transporting a vehicle on the highway.

Repeat the exam on the same day

Well, this time the cost to make SIM A for cars and SIM C for the latest motorcycles was issued by the police a few days ago. National Police Chief Listyo Sigit Prabowo applied the new rules contained in telegram ST / 2386 / X / YAN.1.1. / 2022, October 31, 2022. Signed by Chief of Traffic Police Inspector General Firman Shantyabudi on behalf of The Chief of the National Police, then the SIM applicants who do not pass, can immediately repeat the test on that day.

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The last cost to make SIM A and C is only Rp.  100 thousand
The SIM is valid proof of someone to carry a vehicle

Before the new regulation was enacted, applicants for the failed driving license had to wait about two weeks before being able to take the exam again. According to Listyo, the regulation takes a long time for the community, so hopefully the mechanism and rules can be changed.

“For participants who are declared not to have passed the license exam, they can immediately take the exam again on the same day or 14 working days from the date they are declared not to have passed,” said the Head of the National Police in a telegram, quoted from the website of the National Police Service.

With this telegram, the Chief of the National Police also issued a list of the costs for the construction of a new SIM pursuant to Government Regulation (PP) n. 76 of 2020 on the Types and Rates of Non-Tax Revenue of the State.

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Cost for the creation and renewal of the SIM

Are you planning to create a SIM in the near future? see the cost to make a new SIM and SIM renewal below.

In PP n. 76 of 2020 it is confirmed that there are no other fees that must be paid by the applicant to create a SIM, in addition to the withdrawal of non-tax SIMs (PNBP). For applicants who want to get a general SIM A and A, they have to pay a fee of Rp. 120 thousand and the cost of renewing a SIM is only Rp. 80 thousand.

Meanwhile, a fee of IDR 100 thousand is charged for the construction of the new SIM C, CI and C II. Meanwhile, in the renewal process, SIM C, CI and C II applicants only need to pay Rp. 75 thousand.

For those who request the issuance of SIM D and DI, the fee is IDR 50 thousand per issue. And for the extension of SIM D and DI only Rp. 30 thousand.

SIM times around Jakarta
Circular SIM requesting queue

Finally, for applicants who want to make an international SIM, the fee is Rp. 250 thousand, while for an international SIM extension the fee is Rp. 225 thousand.

The new directive contained in telegram ST / 2386 / X / YAN.1.1. / 2022 also contains the implementation of physical and spiritual (psychological) health exams for potential SIM participants or applicants who do outside the SIM mechanism. That is, the inspection can be carried out outside the Ghedua Satpas area (where the license is issued), so the applicant can personally check outside.

“Potential SIM exam participants can choose their own doctors and psychologists who have received recommendations according to the provisions,” said one of the telegram points.

It is absolutely forbidden for officials of the SIM issuing services to collect other fees, other than those that have been determined directly or indirectly.

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