The latest Chery SUV will be on show at GIIAS 2023

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The all-new Chery SUV will join GIIAS 2023
The all-new Chery SUV will join GIIAS 2023

ROCKMOTIVE, Jakarta – Ahead of the GAIKINDO Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) to be held from 10 to 20 August 2023 at ICE BSD, Tangerang, 2 new Chery SUVs will be launched for Indonesian consumers.

The presence of this Chinese car brand is not only to prove the existence but PT Chery Sales Indonesia (CSI extension) want to demonstrate their commitment to the community.

As for the two Chery SUVs that will be launched, one of them will have electrification specifications. This was clarified by Shawn Xu, president of PT CSI, in his official statement.

“At this event, we will release two of the latest variants of the premium SUV lineup and introduce the first electric crossover car that is approaching the final stage for design, specification determination and production,” said Shawn Xu.

Not only was it released at the show, but visitors who fell in love with it were also able to ask for its hand right away because PT CSI turned the spigot on for orders right away during the show.

“We are very excited about these two new variants, so we have immediately opened up the opportunity to order visitors from GIIAS 2023 which comes with a valuable financial and guarantee program,” added Shawn Xu.

Through presence crossovers The BEV that was introduced, PT CSI wanted to show their dedication to reducing carbon emissions and using cleaner energy sources. Through this variant, the brand aims to meet the growing demand for environmentally friendly vehicles in the Indonesian market.

Besides presenting a new variant, PT CSI also presented its top three lines namely Tiggo 7 Pro, Tiggo 8 Pro and Omoda 5 which received wide recognition and various awards for their outstanding performance, comprehensive safety features and luxurious design.


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