The loud DENSO horn sound was produced by a factory in Bekasi

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The loud DENSO horn sound was produced by a factory in Bekasi

DENSO factory in Bekasi, West Java is apparently capable of producing high quality horn products that can penetrate the export market, yes this loud horn is made in Bekasi

DENSO factory in MM2100 Bekasi area, West Java is apparently capable of producing premium horn products which can penetrate export market, yes DENSE horn (which was originally DENSO called Nippon Denso / ND) this loud voice is made in Bekasi.

The latest horn from DENSO

As a leading automotive parts manufacturer in Indonesia, DENSO Indonesia Group with an aftermarket brand introduction label, recently launched a new line of horns with Single Disc High Tone type.

DENSO factory in Bekasi
This is where DENSO quality horn products come from

This premium product has the advantage of a louder sound than the default manufacturer (OEM) horn. This type of disc horn is for vehicle users who want to improve the horn sound at an affordable price and have a life span equivalent to OEM products.

DENSO horn made in Bekasi, West Java
This DENSO horn is specifically for users of LCGC and LMPV vehicles

This horn, “Very suitable for owners of LCGC and LMPV vehicles who wish to improve the condition of their horns. This product is actually for 4 wheeled vehicles, but we cannot deny that this horn is also in demand by drivers of 2 wheeled vehicles wheels,” said Reinard Winardi, Assistant General Manager of PT Denso Sales Indonesia (DSIA).

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Affordable price and easy to install

No wonder: “Many of them have remodified by adding a relay, so that this horn can also be installed on their motorcycle. Also, the price is quite affordable, which is only between Rp. 50 – 60 thousand, ” continued Rei, the nickname Reinard Winardi.

The Single Disc High Tone horn has a fairly simple installation method. On average on four wheel vehicles, this horn can be installed plug and play. Equipped with 12V, 4 Ampere specifications, this horn also has a sound output of up to 111dB.

DENSO horn product range

Besides the latest type, DENSO horn also has various other variations such as Trumpet Horn – Power Tone Electric Horn, Waterproof Trumpet Horn – Power Tone Waterproof Electric Horn, and Disc Horn Set – Full Power Compact Horn Tone Double Disc.

“Apart from that, we also produce this product locally in our factory in Indonesia. You can tell this horn is our local pride which can be used as modification item for your vehicle. It is different from other horn brands which may not be made in Indonesia,” concluded Rei. .

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