The new Honda PCX 160 more confident to challenge Nmax – New engine

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JAKARTA – The brand new Honda PCX 160 has finally been officially presented in Indonesia and brings a number of new features.

PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) has launched the brand new Honda PCX and the all-new Honda PCX e:HEV with extensive changes to engine, chassis, design and advanced features. The motorcycle made by the nation’s children is ready to give more pride and become a reflection of the lifestyle of Indonesian premium scooter lovers who enjoy the feeling of comfortable riding with high technology.

It adopts a more powerful engine with a displacement of 160cc 4 valves enhanced Smart Power plus (eSP+), as well as having minimal friction technology and improved performance, which make this premium scooter capable of providing the ultimate perfection during daily riding or travelling.

The new look with a luxurious and dynamic design gives a high-class expression and further supports the biker’s style. Supported by the Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) function on ABS and e:HEV types, this scooter offers a sense of safety to drivers when negotiating slippery roads.

all new pcx 160

“Featuring the brand new 160cc 4-valve ESP+ engine, this makes the All New Honda PCX series even more comfortable to ride in different situations, both in the city and over long distances. The changes in tire sizes which are getting bigger also support this premium scooter to be more comfortable and look impressive,” said Keiichi YasudaPresident Director of AHM.

The brand new Honda PCX mounts the latest generation engine with a displacement of 160cc 4 valves eSP+, liquid cooled, capable of reducing friction and producing maximum power up to 11.8 kW @ 8500 rpm with a maximum torque of 14.7Nm @ 6500rpm

The powerful feel presented by this premium scooter further embodies the joy of riding. Meanwhile, the all-new Honda PCX e:HEV features engine assist and riding modes with a choice of normal (D) and sport (S) modes to provide a responsive ride feel while delivering maximum performance.

all new honda pcx

The presence of the HSTC function also provides a sense of safety in sustaining the best performance when crossing slippery road conditions, so as to maintain the feeling of pleasure driving this premium scooter. Backing up its performance, the all-new Honda PCX is capable of consuming up to 45 km/l of fuel. The test is performed by activating the Idling stop system ecological function (ECE R40 method) with the EURO 3 test method.

All new Honda PCX marketed with 3 types: CBS, ABS and e:HEV. For the CBS type, there are Wonderful White, Majestic Matte Red, Glorious Matte Black and Marvelous Matte Gray colors. As for the ABS type, there are Wonderful White, Majestic Matte Red, Brilliant Black, and Royal Matte Blue colors.

AHM is marketing the brand new Honda PCX with DKI Jakarta on the road (OTR) at prices of IDR 30,350,000 for CBS type, IDR 33,950,000 for ABS type and IDR 43,550,000 for e:HEV type. [Dew/Idr]



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